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Meaning of the name

Derived from the Latin word "Romanus" - "Roman".


As a child, Roman has health problems. Due to frequent illnesses, Roman misses lessons at school, as a result of poor academic performance.

The novel is in constant creative search. Without finishing one thing, he takes on another. Changes professions often.

In his personal life, Roman is also picky. He can search for his ideal all his life. Doesn't feel remorse when he breaks up with another woman.

Having met his ideal, Roman will be an excellent family man for some time. With the birth of children, Roman settles down, becomes more responsible.


The novel has a violent temperament, he is impulsive. Sex is treated as a simple gratification of an animal instinct.

The novel does not try to understand the wishes of his partner, he is sure that women consider him a "sex giant." The satisfaction of a partner for Roman is not a necessary attribute of intercourse.

The novel is witty, cheerful, charming. Women often fall in love with him, but quickly become disillusioned. The novel is not a womanizer, he is just looking for an ideal.

Even after several unsuccessful marriages, Roman remains a romantic, and continues to search for his ideal woman.

When, as it seems to him, this happens, he is ready to throw "the whole world" at the feet of his beloved, but the happiness does not last long - this ideal still lacks something. This quest can take a lifetime.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Aries, Libra, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Roman gives the impression of something heavy, strong, cold, big, active, bright, brave.

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