The most incomprehensible animals

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Man has many prejudices against animals. But in nature there are no good and bad, pests and infections.

Each creature occupies its own niche in natural conditions. In this case, usually the positive skills of the body outweigh its negative aspects.

Moreover, they are also largely random. Besides, they also have some mysterious properties that are completely incomprehensible to us.

Snakes. These creatures terrify millions of the world's inhabitants. And even those who are not afraid of these reptiles will most likely try to kill them. After all, there is a well-founded concern for children or pets. In fact, fear is most often not justified. After all, only 15% of the total species diversity of snakes are poisonous. At the same time, really dangerous individuals are easy to distinguish. Wherever a person lives, there may be only a few really dangerous snakes nearby. And they are afraid of us more than we are of them. Why should a snake waste its priceless poison on prey, which it cannot even eat? So the frightened animal will try to run away and hide somewhere. It should also be remembered that predators play an important role in balancing the abundance of the species they hunt. Snakes destroy the weak and sick, thereby protecting the rest from uncontrolled reproduction and hunger.

Black Widow. Everyone knows that this type of spider is one of the most dangerous on Earth. In fact, this is not true at all. These spiders behave absolutely non-aggressive towards large animals. Yes, and the black widow bites very rarely, while it is also not always fatal. A person runs the risk of death if he is a child, old man, or susceptible to disease. And the appearance of the spider scares everyone. And besides, they are surrounded by the aura of a story about devouring their males, which gave the species its name. In fact, of the entire variety of widow spider species, only 2 out of 31 eat their partners. And what to do - after all, the male is so weak and looks so delicious. But the female still releases him most often. Often she will even hang over him for a short time on her web. Such a measure just scares off other hunters to feast on the poor spider.

Termites. What do we know about these creatures? That they are very dangerous and eat wood. But people really like to use this material in their homes. Many organisms live in our homes. But only termites are capable of destroying them from the inside. This leads to multi-million dollar losses for the state. But there is another side to the issue. After all, for nature, a dead tree is only a hindrance. It is a fire hazardous agent that can harm young animals. Therefore, nothing in nature can destroy a dead tree faster than a termite colony. Bacteria, fungi and other insects are also working on this task, eating dead material. All this is an integral part of the health of any forest on the planet. And are they to blame for the fact that a person so loves to build their homes from their usual food?

Rats. These animals represent horror. A terrible picture rises before the eyes of how dirty rats swarm in a decaying corpse. The reputation of carrion eaters among these animals appeared for a long time. It was the rats that were declared the carriers of the bubonic plague. This disease is actually carried and spread by rodents. But today many experts conclude that rats were not the cause of the black plague. In fact, these animals are quite shy. They rarely bite. Rats are generally good pets. They show more intelligence and dexterity than guinea pigs and hamsters. And decaying meat, although it really is part of the diet of rats, is not at all their favorite dish.

Wasps. These buzzing insects are also feared by millions of people. Indeed, some species are overly aggressive, famous for their venomous and very painful bites. But most species are even unable to sting a person, because they have no sting at all. And whether they are poisonous or not, it is not so important for nature. After all, these insects play an important role in pollination and in the control of other creatures. Wasps regulate the number of other insects better than other predators. These creatures are so important to nature that some plants and trees have even learned to talk to them. For this, certain chemicals are released, which attract the much needed wasps. They, in turn, destroy parasites on the plant. And these pests are important too. After all, while they are controlled by wasps and other predatory insects, their activity helps to maintain a healthy plant population.

Sharks. Everyone is afraid of these sea predators. The media constantly tells scary stories about how a shark bit a bather. And cinema also contributed to the creation of such a myth. The powerful jaws of a soulless animal seem to destroy all living things in their path. In fact, the number of deaths from the teeth of the "storm of the seas" per year is calculated in units. Drowning and other accidents on the water kill many more people. Sharks are quite intelligent animals, their intelligence exceeds our traditional understanding of it. For them, a person is an outlandish creature that they usually try to avoid. And the role of the shark in marine life is very important. This predator regulates the fish population by maintaining balance. Indeed, for many living beings living in the aquatic environment, this is very important. It would be a mistake to think of sharks as brainless killing machines. Some species of this predator can show their playfulness. And in captivity sharks are trainable.

Dolphins. It should be noted that animals are often not only underestimated, but also overestimated. The classic case is dolphins. If sharks are perceived as bloodthirsty dangerous predators, then dolphins appear as their antipodes. These are cute, playful creatures that will both protect against sharks and help drowning ones. And how many tricks they can perform while entertaining a person! However, dolphins are also predators. Although I would not like to single out the bad ones in nature, but what then should we call these mammals, who torture and kill other animals for fun? Sometimes we even talk about their own offspring or relatives. There were also cases when dolphins were the cause of human death.

Cockroaches. Well, these insects definitely cause hatred in anyone. After all, these nasty parasites just personify dirt. How can you find something positive in them? In fact, their order contains more than 30 thousand species. Only a dozen of them live in our apartments. But cockroaches have many properties that make them very useful natural scavengers. Most of these insects prefer not to live in our stuffy apartments, but on the street. There, cockroaches help to process dead plants, carry out pollination. Sometimes they are even noted for the destruction of even less beneficial insects. And you shouldn't consider those cockroaches that live in our house so dirty. Indeed, in fact, their purity is determined by the environment in which they live. Cockroaches can live among garbage and in complete sanitation. And the transmission of infection by domestic inhabitants is carried out only if it first sticks to the paws, and then gets on our food. But this scenario is almost impossible. The fact is that bacteria are extremely reluctant to cling to such insects. After all, cockroaches immediately begin to put themselves in order. Yes, these insects love hygiene more than some people.

Larvae. What could be more disgusting than the spectacle of fly larvae swarming in rotten meat? This is what causes hatred towards them. In vain, by the way. After all, a dead body is a real time bomb. It is the source of many contagious diseases. Of all the scavengers, larvae are the most potent. These creatures, with their shape, size and mobility, even slipperiness and pale color, are adapted to achieve the best result. It is the larvae that owes the fact that the carcasses lie in the wild for only a few weeks, leaving only bones. And so they would rot and rot, for many months. We can even say that the larvae have a lot of disinfecting effects. After all, they destroy the bacteria competing with them that feed on the same.

Parasites. This concept is very broad. Not a single piece of our planet was complete without these creatures. And parasites outnumber other, free-living forms of life. The word "parasite" in itself is associated with uselessness. There was a time when science placed parasites one notch lower than they are now. Biologists say that parasitic organisms have a great impact on the environment. Every animal on the planet has parasites, they directly affect its health and even mood. The very theory of the origin of life, oddly enough, proves that parasites are full participants in the natural balance, like other life forms. Over time, many of these organisms have adapted that they do not harm their owner, and those who have remained the same occupy an important place in the control of the number of living beings.

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