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Meaning of the name

Catholic European name, means "unfading glory", "shining with glory".


Since childhood, Robert enjoys playing sports, often, growing up, becomes a professional athlete. Little Robert is smart, inquisitive, but does not differ in perseverance. At school, he can conflict with teachers, as he always has his own opinion, and tries to prove it in any situation.

But, despite Robert's stubbornness and assertiveness, he inherits from his mother tenderness, external subtle beauty and some femininity. Robert has an exceptional sense of humor, he always has many friends in his house.

Robert is always happy. He knows how to learn a lesson from his mistakes, while never losing heart. There are, however, cases of big failures, but they all occur solely through his fault. In such cases, Robert suffers in silence, gritting his teeth. After a while, he starts the case again, having analyzed all the punctures.

Robert is an optimist. He always knows exactly what he wants from life. Robert can work as an artist, painter, lawyer, trainer, cook, doctor.

Born in winter, Robert usually makes a career as an athlete. He does not trust women, and he marries late, but the family man is wonderful. Robert needs a sense of stability.

Summer-born Robert is a little different from "Winter" Robert. He is generous, cheerful, responsive, has a bright appearance, loves women, cannot stay in one place for a long time, loves adventure.


Robert is just a darling - handsome, tall, charming, loves and knows how to dress well. Robert is a favorite of women. He can have several friends at the same time. He prefers bright women of model appearance.

Sometimes Robert demands too much from a friend. He does not want to come to terms with the idea that there are no ideal people. Robert is constantly in search of the ideal, but once again, disappointed, he briefly falls into sexual apathy.

Robert is gentle and affectionate, knows how to help his partner to be liberated, guesses all her desires.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Virgo.


The sound of the name Robert gives the impression of something majestic, bright, cheerful, agile, brave.

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