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The rental points were popular in our country. He was inspired by a similar rental in the USA.

The range of goods is growing all the time, and the level of income allows you to purchase items that were already inaccessible. But in the world there are many rental points where you can borrow something unusual for a while.

Rent a friend. A couple of years ago, an unusual rental service was launched in Moscow. He led some to bewilderment, while someone directly accused the organizers of immorality. And in this case we are talking about the service of a "friend for rent". I must say that such a service was not invented at all in Russia, it came to us from abroad. There is nothing surprising in renting, say, a wife, as in the United States. And in Japan, for a certain time, you can generally have a whole family. To rent a spouse in America, you need to present a number of certificates and financial guarantees. In Russia, for renting a friend, it is enough for the client to be over 18 years old, he should not drink alcohol when meeting and insist on an intimate relationship. Usually a meeting with a new temporary friend takes place in a cafe. The service of communicating with a pleasant person must be paid by the hour. It costs from 500 to 700 rubles. The friend rental service also provides additional options. So, you can go shopping together, ride a bike, and even ask for help when moving. But these services will have to be paid separately. If you want to save money on a friend, then communication can be made virtual.

Rental of animals. In our country, this service is still poorly developed. But in the West, this service is very popular. For example, in the United States there is a FlexPetz system that provides dogs for hourly use. In Japan, you can order a cat, hamster or turtle for a while in your city apartment. But the farthest went in Switzerland, where you can even rent a cow. Moscow decided to adopt a similar experience. The charitable foundation "Zoozashchita-Plus" began to offer animals for rent. He offers to get his own dog for a while. The shelter was forced to take such a step by a large number of homeless dogs that constantly come to these people. Usually people come here for puppies, wanting to take them forever. But for adult dogs it is much more difficult to find a new owner for themselves. Therefore, the staff of the kennel decided to offer people to take grown dogs for 2-3 days. During this time, the family will be able to understand if they need a dog at all. This service does not cost anything, you just need to sign a commitment to feed and walk the dog. There is another popular service in the capital of Russia - pigeon rental. The newlyweds take the birds for a while, releasing the birds into the sky at the wedding. This service will cost 500-2000 rubles for lovers of beautiful gestures.

Hire of a "living book". This "living library" project offers unusual books for rent. Here, as usual, the reader comes and chooses a book, while handing over the old one. The difference from a regular library is that people act as books. You can rent a Buddhist and an official, a homeless person and a trucker, an atheist and a Muslim. Reading itself is replaced by conversation. The first such "living library" appeared in Denmark in 2000, over time, the fashion for such "books" spread throughout the world. Usually such establishments are open to the public only a few times a year. But there are also permanent living libraries. One of the most recent meetings of readers with their “books” in Moscow took place at the end of 2011. And it was free to participate in it, and there were no age restrictions. The youngest participant in "book reading" was only 10 years old, and the oldest was over 80 years old. The idea of ​​renting live books is rather controversial. However, the creators of the project seek to dispel the stereotypes that exist among people of various professions and social groups.

Carriage rental. In Moscow, it is difficult to surprise someone with a luxury vehicle. Usually city residents rent a limousine, and not only for the celebration, but even for meeting and seeing off stars at the airport. But today they are increasingly starting to use retro cars. The carriage rental service has also gained popularity. There are still few organizations providing such services, but their number is growing. But 200-300 years ago it was the carriage that was the main means of transportation, it determined the social status of the owner and demonstrated his wealth. After all, it was not enough to have only one vehicle, it was also necessary to maintain a coachman, as well as several horses. Even today, carriage rental is an expensive pleasure. The most expensive rental carriages are Glass Lando. The fact is that they are collected by hand from valuable wood species at a European manufactory. For more than 80 years there have been preparing carriages for the most noble families in Europe, including the royal family of Great Britain. One hour of riding in such a truly elite vehicle will cost 42 thousand rubles. For lovers of more economical travel, there is another option - an hour of renting an open convertible will cost 12 thousand rubles.

Mobile home rental. The World Tourism Organization reports that the most popular form of car tourism in the United States and Europe is caravanning. This mobile home travel is preferred by about 17% of residents. In Germany alone, in 2011, there were 5.5 million tourists traveling around the country in their own or rented home on wheels. Caravanning is beginning to penetrate into our lives. As a response to this interest, companies have emerged that provide rental of these mobile homes. The motorhome is equipped with gas heating, several sleeping places, a stove and a refrigerator. You can take a shower in a special booth, and a dry closet is responsible for the environment. The cost of renting such a camera is 3500-7800 rubles per day. Usually the client is provided with such a house for at least 3 days, but if there is a desire for a long-term lease, then discounts are provided. In addition to the rental money, the rental company has to leave a considerable deposit, which is returned after the end of the trip. It should be noted that the interest of our compatriots in this type of travel stimulates the emergence of new European-type campsites, they have already begun to be built.

Hire of elite jewelry. This service, which includes the rental of not only expensive bijouterie, but also jewelry, is quite widespread in the West. What is most interesting is that most often rich stars resort to it, who, it would seem, can afford to buy jewelry. But the thing is that they too often have to appear at special events, walk on the carpet. So you have to rent a necklace or earrings of several tens of carats. The record was the visit of the actress Sofia Vergara to the Golden Globe ceremony. After all, the woman was wearing jewelry worth $ 5 million. In America in general, as in Europe, it is considered bad form among celebrities to constantly wear jewelry. So there is no point in purchasing them. But expensive jewelry is another matter. Nowadays, many designers have even started to release elegant jewelry with semi-precious stones. The term “costume jewelery” was even stuck behind these products; they became very popular in Moscow and other world capitals. The cost of this jewelry can reach several tens of thousands of dollars, but it can be rented. The usual rental period is 1-2 days. The rental provides for a bilateral agreement with the client, and an amount equal to the cost of the product itself is left as a deposit. A quarter of this money is left to the rental company as a usage fee. The rest of the funds are returned to the tenant when he returns the jewelry.

Tram rental. Vehicles are increasingly available for rent. You can temporarily become the owner of a limousine or even a helicopter. There was even a proposal to rent a tram. Of course, this still sounds unusual. But this is only a matter of time, because the service is already in demand not only in Russia, but also abroad. You can become the owner, albeit for a while, of your own tram in Irkutsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov, Riga and Lvov. Moscow was no exception in this list. Here you can rent the legendary "Annushka", which began to ply the streets of the capital back in 1911. For decades, the route of the famous tram has been constantly changing. Now it is just a diner on wheels that runs along the Boulevard Ring. And you can ride on a rented tram along only two selected routes. You can also suggest your own path, if you can agree on it. Depending on the route, the rental price will also change. The base rental rate is 5 thousand rubles per hour, the same amount will have to be paid for the tram's arrival at the place indicated by the client. You can also try to rent the most ordinary tram. To do this, you should contact one of the capital's tram depots.

Island rental. What do people take with them when they go on vacation? The richest go there on a yacht or choose a villa, a modern apartment. It turns out that you can rent a whole island in the ocean. Moreover, you can pick up such an exotic option in various places of the planet - it can be Seychelles and Fiji, the islands of Oceania, French Polynesia, British Columbia or the Great Barrier Reef. The rental period is usually a few days, but the richest clients book an island for themselves for several weeks or even months. However, renting such a piece of sushi for the most privileged should still be taken care of in advance. The fact is that there are not so many private islands in the world. So it turns out that the best deals have been booked six months before the planned vacation date. Rental prices range from high to simply exorbitant. Guana Island in the Caribbean Sea can be considered a budget option. For a week of staying there you will have to pay 88 thousand dollars. This amount includes providing the client with seven secluded white beaches and a 15-room house. The segment of premium offers starts from 300 thousand dollars per week of owning your own island. Today, one of the most expensive options in this segment is the Bahamas Musha Bay. A week stay here will cost 330 thousand dollars. But you can stay on five luxurious forks, and the area of ​​the island itself is 60 hectares.

Pilgrim rental. This unusual service was invented by the Portuguese Carlos Gil. He decided to rent himself out as a pilgrim on his way to holy places. Carlos declares that he is the one who keeps promises. Twice a year, a man walks from his hometown of Karkais to the city of Fatima. After all, it was there, according to legend, on May 13, 1917, the Holy Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children. A temple was built on this place, where pilgrims began to flock. Customers instruct Carlos Gil to come there and voice their prayers. Then the pilgrim returns home. The journey of 160 kilometers takes two weeks. Moreover, from every city where Carlos stops, he sends postcards to his customers. Pilgrim rental services are in demand by those people who cannot travel for health reasons. Some clients simply don't have enough time to hike to the holy sites. The cost of the pilgrim's services is quite high even by the standards of Portugal - 2,500 euros. But you can order Carlos's services from anywhere in the world, because he accepts credit cards for payment.

Glory for rent. How does it feel to be a celebrity if you are an ordinary clerk? An interesting service is provided by You can rent a piece of glory on it. This is manifested in the fact that a person will be constantly pursued by photographers and journalists. The paparazzi will make you feel all the delights of star life. At the end of this crazy marathon, the customer, who is also the victim, will receive photographs and videos about his life in the stellar period. Also, with the help of one of the photographs, the cover of a glossy magazine is created from the portraits of the "star". Tanya Koucher, a photographer from Austin, Texas, founded such a rental company.

Underwear. Buying lingerie is always risky. After all, it is not clear how this expensive intimate clothing will sit on the figure. Oddly enough, there is a proposal for the rental of lingerie. What kind of girl would give up the pleasure of trying it on and wearing it a little before deciding to buy? And the Japanese company Embeline Marketinf from Kyoto provides such a service. Her service is not only in the rental of underwear, but also provides an opportunity to redeem the samples you like. Not every woman dares to shell out $ 150 for a bra. But you can rent it much cheaper - $ 45 for the first month and $ 6 monthly for the next 15 months. At the end of the lease, the girl can keep it for herself. I must say that such a step is quite logical. Who will wear underwear after another person.

Christmas tree. New Year is becoming a real disaster for the trees, because hundreds of thousands of them are cut down, and thrown away a month later. But there is a much more beautiful ecological solution. After all, you can rent a Christmas tree. This service is offered by the site This service costs $ 35-100. By paying this amount, the customer will receive a tree in a tub directly to his home. It remains only to decorate it, and then spend the New Year around it. And at the end of the holidays, the tree is returned, planting back into the forest. The company does not provide toys and decorations, you will have to take care of this yourself. It should be noted that this way of celebrating the New Year is the most environmentally friendly and humane.

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