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Our huge planet includes a significant variety of living forms. Who are they, the rarest animals on the planet?

River dolphin Baiji. This river mammal lives only in the Yangtze, for which it received such a nickname. Many people confuse this dolphin with the Chinese white, but in fact they are different species. Today, Baiji is officially considered dead two years ago. The rapid industrialization of China led to the extinction of the rare species. In 2006, researchers tried to find at least one such dolphin in the river, but they failed. But the following year, a Chinese photographer was able to capture the beautiful animal. How many live dolphins are left - no one can say. If they did not become extinct, then there are no more than 13 of them.

Turtle of the Pinta Island. There was a unique population of Galapagos turtles on Pinta Island. It is safe to say that this species has died. Unless scientists can resort to full-fledged cloning and transfer the genes of the last surviving turtle to the offspring. Now you can only admire the huge turtles in the photo. The last surviving representative of this species is named Lone George. This turtle is more than 100 years old and has become a kind of living symbol of the struggle for the safety of the Galapagos Islands. Finding a female for George is so important that a reward of 10 thousand dollars has been announced for this. However, searches have been going on for several years and have not yet yielded results. So Lonely George will most likely remain lonely, and with him the unique and ancient genus of Galapagos turtles from Pinta Island will be interrupted.

Golden tiger. Today this unique species can be found exclusively in captivity. The dangerous predator has acquired a golden color thanks to a recessive gene. For the first time, people met such a tiger at the beginning of the 20th century. At first, the unusual color was due to the fact that it developed in a small group of animals. They lived on land with a high clay content, and the golden color helped when hunting. But this theory remained unproven. Scientists have found that in the conditions of keeping a small group in captivity, the appearance of such a color could occur. Carriers of the recessive gene of gold color had to interbreed with their offspring, which happened in captivity. This tiger is native to Bengal and is a close relative of the Amur species. Like white tigers, these creatures are genetically contaminated with the genes of the Amur white tiger Tony. He is generally the common ancestor of all white tigers in North America. A common mistake is that golden tigers appeared due to the crossing of Amur tigers with Bengal tigers. In total, there are about 30 animals with this color in captivity in various zoos around the world today.

Rhino Javan. Only five species of rhino survived today. Among them, Javan stands out for its rarity. He is a close relative of the Indian, but only much smaller in size. The Javan species was once widespread in Southeast Asia. But man's thoughtless hunt for this animal put the species on the brink of extinction. Today there are less than 60 individuals left on the island of Java. Interestingly, it is difficult for humans to maintain a population. After all, the Javans die in captivity, which means it will not be possible to artificially increase the number. It looks like the Vietnam War inflicted great damage. Since then, the number of rhino individuals has been steadily decreasing.

Seychelles white-tailed bat. As the name suggests, these rare bats live in the Seychelles, which lie just north of Madagascar. Once the population of these winged mammals was quite large, but the change in their natural environment by humans was noticeably reflected in mice. Today there are only about a hundred of them left, and this number is constantly decreasing.

A northern wombat with a hairy nose. This animal is very cute, however, its funny appearance did not save it from extinction. Today it is the largest mammal that is threatened with imminent extinction. The northern wombat is about a meter long. His nose is really covered in hair. This fur is brown or white, and it is very soft to the touch. The nose itself is short and resembles a pig's patch. The wombat's fur is short, thin and silky. It is much softer than common wombats. And the undercoat is very well developed. These qualities were the reason for the constant hunt of man for a poor animal. The animal with a hairy nose lives in only two colonies in the northern United States. And the total population is only 130 individuals.

Red Wolf. The gray wolf has its own unusual close relative - the Red Wolf. True, it has been considered extinct since 1980. But the man managed to keep 20 individuals in captivity. Since then, the predator population has increased to 207 wolves. When the red wolves were released in a pack, they were able to successfully take root there. Now about 100 of these predators live in nature. It is strictly forbidden to hunt them. This variety differs from ordinary wolves in its color, fluffy hair and a longer tail, which practically touches the ground. The red wolf lives in Asia from the Tien Shan and Altai to China, India and Malaysia. This animal prefers to live in the mountains, rising to an altitude of 4000 meters.

Shrews of Sao Tome. These animals are also known as shrews. They live on the island of Sao Tome and have almost completely disappeared. And in this case people are to blame. They have changed the natural living conditions of animals so much that they simply have nowhere to go. Shrews are about 9 centimeters long and have small bellies and white teeth. Their population is so rapidly declining that, according to scientists, in 10 years there will be no such shrews on the planet at all. Another reason for the disappearance of shrews is rats, monkeys and feral pigs brought by humans to the island.

Okapi. What is okapi really? A giraffe? Zebra? Or a cross between a zeraf? In fact, this species is one of a kind. The animal is quite ancient, it was mentioned in the writings of the ancient Egyptians. A hundred years ago in Europe and Africa there was a legend about the mysterious African unicorn. Today, the accepted version is that the okapi was taken for this animal. With its constitution, it is more like that of a horse, especially since the limbs are painted in stripes, like that of a zebra. Wool in animals is brown with reddish tints. At the same time, the legs and neck are long, but not as long as that of a giraffe. Okapi are found only on the territory of only one state - the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They live in dense tropical forests. It is not known to accurately calculate the number of okapi, because they are quite fearful and shun humans. However, deforestation and civil war in the country have brought the view to the brink of extinction. It is believed that between 10 and 20 thousand animals remain free.

Tarsiers. Tarsiers can be found on the islands of Southeast Asia. The population is common in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines. However, do not assume that these small primates are found in large numbers. Most of them are concentrated in Borneo, and in other places they are concentrated in scanty numbers. These rare primates are only 9 to 16 centimeters tall. Moreover, their hind legs are twice as long as the body. Tarsiers have unique eyes that are the size of their brains. Interestingly, these babies are carnivores. They kill small birds, insects, lizards, bats and snakes. Small animals are very jumpy. They swiftly attack their victim and bite through its skull with their sharp teeth. Tarsiers live in dense foliage, going out to hunt at night. But the tarsier population is in an extremely deplorable state. A person can have little influence on this situation, since tarsiers do not breed in captivity.

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