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Puma was founded on October 1, 1948 as a result of the dissolution of the Dassler family business. The younger brother, Rudi, founded the Adidas company, and the elder, Rudolph, created the Ruda company. After all, cougars are agile and fast animals.

In the same years, the company, guided by the old developments of the Dassler family, released its first football boots, the Atom. In the very first matches of the post-war German national team, several players opted for shoes from Puma. But fame is impossible without great victories. They came to the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, when Joseph Bartel won gold in shoes from Puma. The success of Rudolf Dassler's company was much more modest than that of the brainchild of his younger brother, Adolf. Nevertheless, Puma shoes regularly set world records and won Olympic medals. In search of new solutions, the company established the production of Velcro products, becoming a pioneer in this area.

The 1970 FIFA World Cup was a landmark when Pele, the best player in the championship, played in Puma boots. Diego Maradona, who also wore shoes from this manufacturer, took over the football king from him. However, successes were successes, but by the 90s, like its "brother" Adidas, the German manufacturer was on the verge of bankruptcy. The consumer believed that "Puma" is expressionless and more imitates leaders than creates itself.

The salvation for the company was the young CEO Johan Seitz. He markedly changed the course of Puma. She began collaborating with fashion designers, producing limited editions of accessories, clothing and footwear. The company seriously shifted its focus - now it was not sports as such that were important, but an active lifestyle in general. The management has set itself the task of making the brand creative and desirable. In 1990, Puma children's shoes appeared on the markets, where the Inspector technology was applied. Thanks to it, the size of the shoe and the foot of the child was better matched.

In 1990 Germany won the World Championship again. Her top player and captain Lothar Matthäus was named Athlete of the Year thanks in large part to the Puma boots. The company itself underwent changes - Johan Yeitz became chairman of the board and CEO. Gold medals of the track and field championships were added to the manufacturer's collection of sports victories. In 1996, the development of the new Cell technology was completed. It was the first in the world to make custom sports shoe soles. In collaboration with Pittards, the company has developed a new type of leather for its products - Pittards Soccer 2000. The water-resistant properties of leather are used in the production of shoes in the Puma King series.

But it wasn't until 2002 that the brand's first concept stores appeared. They have opened all over the world - in Tokyo, Milan, Rome, London, Melbourne, Frankfurt and Seattle. In 2005, the company entered the world of auto racing, concluding long-term contracts with the leaders of Formula 1. In particular, "Puma" AG has become the official supplier of equipment for the most successful royal car racing stable - Scuderia Ferrari. The company produced not only refractory products, but also team clothing, footwear, and accessories. Puma has developed footwear especially for World Champion Michael Schumacher. As a result, in just a few years, the drowning brand became fashionable. He is respected both in professional sports and in youth sports. Puma clothing has become a lifestyle.

In 2006, Italy's Puma-clad team won the FIFA World Cup, a significant victory for the brand. Today the company owns almost 120 brand stores around the world. Thanks to the quarrel between the brothers, another company was born, with a turnover of more than $ 2.3 billion. Puma has managed to get away from sports shoes and clothing. Under this brand, inventory, accessories and even perfume are produced.

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