Fifth month of pregnancy

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Future child

Height - 24-25 cm, weight - 300-350 g.

This month, mothers begin to feel the first movements of the baby. Someone feels them already at 17-18 weeks, someone waits until 20-21. Sometimes the mother feels rhythmic light tremors - this is most likely hiccups (the baby swallows up to 14 ml of amniotic fluid per day).

The central nervous system is actively developing. The baby's brain is fully formed and functioning. Millions of neurons make connections between the brain and body muscles.

The child's movements become quite conscious, he reacts to visual, auditory, tactile stimuli, he even has a sense of smell, despite the fact that the nose is blocked with a mucous plug, which will be cleaned by obstetricians only after birth.

There are also taste buds in the baby's mouth, so if the mother eats something that the baby does not like, she may feel how the baby is restlessly moving or hiccuping.

Almost all the main glands are formed in the endocrine system: the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, pancreas and sex glands, adrenal glands. The immune system produces lymphocytes and monocytes with the help of the spleen.

The baby's cardiovascular system is also quite ready for work. The child's heart beats at a frequency of 130-150 beats per minute and is listened to through a simple stethoscope.

The intestines and kidneys of the baby are actively working. He produces 7-14 ml of urine per day, and meconium (original feces) appears in the intestines.

The baby's skeleton is strengthened. Now he keeps his head straight, not pressed to his chest, and can even rotate it. The limbs are developed.

The baby's body builds up muscle, fat and skin. The kid rounds up and very soon he will turn into a charming chubby baby. At the 5th month, his skin consists of 2 layers: epidermis and dermis, and a white-creamy primordial lubricant appears on the body, protecting the baby's skin from damage and microbes.

Future mom

Women often say that the 5th month of pregnancy is the most enjoyable. The state of health really improves, even the hair and skin look good. The toxicosis is gone completely, the woman experiences a surge of strength and positive emotions, especially after she feels the first movements of her baby.

There is a fairly rapid weight gain. By the end of the month, your tummy will be visible to everyone, and you yourself will gain about 5 kg, or even more. If you haven't bought some special clothes yet, do your shopping for now.

Note that you need a maternity brace to support your tummy. It should be comfortable and lighten the strain on your back.

The uterus enlarges, grows upward and takes on an oval shape. But it is still not large enough to put pressure on the surrounding organs.

At the 5th month, you will have another examinations with a doctor. It is necessary to pass a general blood test, urinalysis and, possibly, a hemostasiogram with D-Dimer to evaluate your blood for coagulation.

For a period of 20 weeks (in the interval 18-10 weeks of the week), an ultrasound scan is performed. Malformations such as hydrocephalus, congenital heart and cardiovascular defects can be diagnosed. Most defects are amenable to surgery after birth, so these babies can develop more or less normally.

Usually, dopplerography is also done right away - a study of blood flow in the vessels of the uterus, umbilical cord, placenta and baby. Ultrasound also easily and accurately determines the sex of the child and the approximate date of birth. So don't miss this survey.

In the fifth month of pregnancy, you may face the following problems:
- an increase in the load on the heart, possible bleeding from the nose or gums;
- kidneys: possible manifestations of nephritis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis;
- Vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea) is normal if it does not turn yellow or green and itching does not appear;
- increased sweating;
- the appearance of age spots on the skin as a result of hormonal changes;
- heartburn, bowel problems, constipation;
- varicose veins or hemorrhoids;
- increased appetite.

If you have high blood pressure, sugar in the urine, signs of anemia, edema, then be sure to consult your doctor and get additional tests.

Remember that during pregnancy you can take only those medicines, the description of which says that there are no contraindications for pregnant women. You should refuse to perm and dye your hair.

Do everything to avoid falling: wear comfortable shoes without heels, do not run up stairs. To keep yourself in good physical shape, visit the pool and do a special set of exercises for pregnant women.

Heavy loads are not recommended as they can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. It's time to choose courses for pregnant women.

Remember that this activity is not currently licensed, so there are many courses taught by people who have nothing to do with medicine, and who are not responsible for what they recommend. Before visiting them, try to find out in more detail who and what is offering there.

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