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Meaning of the name

Potap translated from ancient Greek means "Wanderer", "Traveler". Translated from Latin, the same name is translated as "Possessed (of something)".


As a child, Potap is a good-natured, cheerful child, somewhat slow. He studies well at school, but mathematics is difficult for him.

Potap, growing up, becomes an independent, self-confident person. Potap does not have special talents, but he always knows exactly what he needs from life. Potap receives an education, works in his specialty, marries a good housewife and a good mother of his children.

He is not attracted by either a beautiful life, or wealth, or fame. Potap can work as an accountant, electrician, teacher, engineer. Potap always has enough. He knows how to plan his income, knows how to save. Potap likes to work hard and then have a good rest.

Potap loves happy holidays, always having fun from the heart. He enjoys raising children. He loves and respects his wife. They have a strong and friendly marriage.


Potap is a gentle but not particularly resourceful lover. For him, sex is a process necessary for the conception of offspring, and bringing pleasure and relaxation. He relieves tension through sex.

Potap is not sophisticated in sex, he does not stretch pleasure, does not try new positions. Potap needs a woman with a similar temperament and attitude to sex, only in this case they will make a harmonious couple.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Potap gives the impression of something heavy, loud, solid.


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