Female Persian names

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Azar - fire
Amardad - immortality
ameret - immortality
Anehita - flawless
Arzu - desire
Atefeh - affection

Benu is a lady

Galzer - rose garden
Gonchekh - flower germ
Golestan - land

Jaleh - dew
Darya - ocean, river, sea

Ziba - beautiful
Zuleika - brilliant beauty
Zuleha - brilliant beauty
Zerin - golden

Koh-i-noor - the mountain of the lungs

Laleh - tulip

Minu - heaven, paradise
Mojgen - eyelashes
Morverid - pearl
Manez - the glory of the moon
Mahwash - like the moon
Mahdokht - daughter of the moon
Mahtab - like moonlight
Mahshid - moonlight

Niga - care
Nilofer - water lily
Nilufer - water lily
Nilufar - water lily
Nousha - pleasant, sweet
Nasrin - wild
Nahid - flawless

Omid - hope

Parvine - Pleiades
Parvin - Pleiades
Parvena - butterfly
Paris - like a fairy
Peri is a fairy

Roshni - shiny
Roshen - bright, illuminating
Roshenak is a brilliant woman
Roshenara - light of the assembly

Simin - silver
Sanaz - full of grace

Tehirih - chaste, pure

Firuza - successful

Hershid - the sun
Horvate - health, excellence
Hordad - health, perfection
Horshed - the sun

Sherin - sweet
Shiren - sweet
Shirin - sweet
Shabnam - dew
Shanez - the pride of the king
Shahrizad - City Man
Shahrazad - City Man

Yasmine - jasmine flower
Yasemin - jasmine flower

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