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Meaning of the name

Pelageya translated from Greek means "sea".


Little Pelageya is a sweet and attractive girl, very sensitive to external stimuli, reacts especially sharply to unpleasant odors, is extremely picky about food - it is simply impossible to force her to eat something useful, but not tasty.

She studies well at school, calm and meek, parents and teachers do not have problems with her. Loves to read, sociable.

Adult Pelageya is smart, decent, but somewhat petty and picky, so sometimes she seems to others a little boring. But this is only the first impression, in fact, Pelageya only lives according to the principle "life is a chain, and the little things in it are links, one cannot but attach importance to the link." She is very prudent, very businesslike, decisive and knows well what she needs.

Employees respect her, since Pelageya never imposes anything, since she has a developed sense of respect for people and has no desire to command. She is an excellent worker, mistakes, failures or life difficulties do not unsettle her, as Pelageya finds refuge from them in work.


Pelageya is extremely attractive and peculiar, sweet and mysterious. She has many friends, in the company this woman is a very interesting interlocutor, and she herself has a special fondness for extraordinary people.

She is sexy, but not very confident in herself, she never immediately rushes into the arms of a man she likes, because at first she wants to make sure whether he really has tender feelings towards her.

In love games, she is somewhat constrained and shy, but if she comes across an attentive, tactful, gentle and patient partner, she is capable of a violent manifestation of passion.

For Pelageya, the setting of the room in which the meeting with the chosen one will take place is of great importance, she is unlikely to agree to make love in an uncomfortable, poorly ventilated room, and if she agrees, she will not receive pleasure from intimacy.

Having married, Pelageya manifests herself as a faithful spouse and loving mother. She is not jealous, has an innate sense of decency, is not prone to betrayal. Absolutely does not tolerate lies, pretense, hypocrisy, has no secrets from a spouse.


Sea waves.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra.


The word Pelageya gives the impression of something safe, kind, base, weak, quiet, small.

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