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These men have an analytical mindset, they are easily given the exact sciences, but with the humanities things are much more difficult. Vladimirovichs love to experiment, try everything new.

They are desperate debaters, and stubborn and categorical. Vladimirovichs are quite conflicted people, they find it difficult to find compromises with people, which leads to the fact that their career advancement is rarely rapid. The absurd nature prevents many ideas and ideas from being embodied.

The Vladimirovichs are characterized by great caution, both in the choice of words, their own actions, and in the choice of friends and partners. They prefer to choose them not only carefully, but on their own, not trusting fate and circumstances.

Vladimirovichs born in winter have more chances for self-realization. They are independent, self-confident people who prefer concrete solutions rather than idle talk. They have a well-developed intuition, they are susceptible to flattery.

Vladimirovichi born in the spring, especially in March, are more patient and calm than others. Others even celebrate their wisdom.

In family life, the Vladimirovichs often scandal, put their desires above the interests of the family. So, they can safely lie in bed all Saturday morning, while their wife will do the cleaning.

Vladimirovna are pronounced workaholics. They go to the set goal for a long time and stubbornly, never abandoning it halfway, preferring the result to unrealizable dreams, preferring to act alone rather than in a team.

These women are very sociable, love to visit friends, but they prefer men's companies, where even more attention will be drawn to them, while the Vladimirovna also carefully select their company.

They are incorrigible optimists, believe in themselves and clearly know what to expect from themselves and their partners. The Vladimirovna are not deprived of talents, but they are rather vain. These women value their own independence, therefore, both in work and in the family, their pronounced leadership can lead to open conflict.

The Vladimirovna are not willing to lend money themselves, but they themselves strive to pay off creditors at the slightest opportunity.

They are neat, household wives. Perhaps they have flaws, but who doesn't? The family strives for partnerships, cannot be entirely supported by the husband, preferring to also earn money.

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