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These men are usually highly intelligent, although it sometimes even hinders them. Instead of hammering in a nail, they may start speculating about the nature of the nail or digging into books for practical advice.

But at work, the Nilovichi often make rationalization proposals, offer non-standard solutions.

These men do not manage money well, they never fulfill their budget, they often forget to whom and how much they are lending, they are scattered, they can easily lose a significant amount of money.

Nilovichi are very interesting interlocutors, with a great sense of humor, which arouses increased interest in them from women. These men pay great attention to their fans, constantly increasing the number of their victories. The Nilovichs are getting married late, only after they have finished walking.

However, in family life, they constantly cannot find themselves, since they want to see in their wife either an intellectual companion, or only a housewife. Therefore, they can find happiness only in the third or fourth marriage, while the rest can be extremely fleeting.

The Nilovichs are not very fond of raising children, but they are extremely respectful, caring and attentive to their parents.

These are very smart and calculating women. They love to build complex and cunning combinations and, in order to achieve their goals, they can easily lie. The Nilovny prefer intellectual work rather than physical work.

Women born in winter have poor money management. Even in the case of attempts to accumulate them, Nilovna spends everything instantly, as soon as a suitable opportunity comes along.

These women prefer not to lend money, but if they do provide a loan, they either require interest or very carefully negotiate the terms of return or collateral. Such women generally have little trust in partners and friends.

Nilovna, born in summer, are distinguished by restraint and practicality. Such women think about their future, try to save, sometimes even excessively, limiting themselves in the most necessary.

They have a very developed imagination, they believe in the supernatural. The Nilovny love to give advice, but it should be noted that they are usually extremely accurate and useful. Nilovny try to bring what they started to the end, even if it borders on great risk.

Holders of such a middle name, born in the fall, are stubborn and firm in their positions and intentions. Themselves do not tolerate lies and deception and are very negative about "slippery" people.


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