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These men love themselves very much, often not noticing others in their narcissism. The Yuryevichs do not hang in the clouds, their pragmatism, coupled with prudence, pushes them to constant reflections on the benefits or benefits.

These men carefully calculate their actions in advance. The Yuryevichs are not particularly hardworking, they are "owls", so they can calmly oversleep a morning meeting or business, basking in bed, they must be constantly monitored so that they do not completely relax.

The owners of such a middle name are very fond of communication, and in the company it is just the center of jokes, humor and laughter. They get to know people quickly, and it seems to them that they have a sea of ​​friends and fans.

Yuryevichs are very amorous men who have a train of novels behind their backs. When they get married, they prefer to pretend that they are in control, but in reality, their thoughts are far from the scene.

They prefer to relax actively - this is either sports or a distant interesting journey.

A man with a middle name Yuryevich, born in December, has heightened emotionality, is aimed at success in life. These men like to play different roles, changing masks and understanding what they really are is hard.

These people, like most women, are very emotional. Yurievna pass everything through themselves, reacting to the slightest event worthy of their feelings.

These women are characterized by cunning, they try not always by honest methods to tilt the situation to their advantage. In general, Yurievna do not surrender to the will of fate, preferring to calculate the possible situation.

These women cannot be called generous, they are a little tight-fisted, saving money for a "rainy day" or for a big purchase. It is always interesting to communicate with Yurievna, which is why they have many friends, these women are responsive.

In their work, they are distinguished by a great stubbornness, they persistently make efforts to solve difficult problems and this is rewarded. Only now they lack self-criticism, it seems to them that they are full of all kinds of virtues.

The owners of this middle name are strong in spirit, they do not fall into depression or panic, they prefer to control themselves.

These women love flirting, often fall in love, but Yuryevna's personal lives are not very successful, since they associate themselves with weak men with whom they have to "babysit". They are by no means exemplary housewives, but they love children very much.

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