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Men with the middle name Timurovich are somewhat reserved and taciturn. They do not like to act hastily or thoughtlessly, adventures and dubious events are always bypassed.

These men do not always have enough self-confidence and determination, so they often remain in the shadows and do not stand out from others. True, Timurovichs are capable of serious deeds, when they face a serious choice, they can swing for a long time, but in the end they will do what others cannot do.

In their work, these people do not strive for the tops, they can work calmly and measuredly, without requiring a raise and increase in salary. They are more like learning something new, reading and growing personally, spiritually, because they are talented and capable natures, but, unfortunately, not striving to show and show their own achievements.

The Timurovichs have an amazing ability to find a way out of various, not always simple situations, plus a developed intuition helps them in this.

Men of this kind start a family late, because they choose a life partner for a long time and carefully, and when they get married, they do a lot for their wife and children, take care of their future and that the house is a full cup.

Women with the patronymic Timurovna are extraordinary and interesting personalities. It is pleasant to communicate with them, since you can always learn a lot of new things, even to some extent replenish your knowledge base, because these women are educated, well-read and have a rich spiritual world.

Timurovs do not like unfamiliar companies too much, and they try to avoid those who are unpleasant or not interesting to them. Among friends and family, these women feel calm, confident and can afford to relax.

Timurovs have a well-developed intuition that helps them overcome life obstacles and not lose sight of the chances that fate offers.

In their work, they are reliable and efficient employees, always clearly following the instructions and recommendations of their superiors, for which the management appreciates and encourages them.

It should be noted that the Timurovns are women with a bright appearance and excellent taste, they know how to attract attention and look moderately extravagant.

Although Timurovns love to spend time in society, they always find something to their liking at home, either preparing an unusual dish, or doing handicrafts or just ordinary things, as they love cleanliness, order and comfort.

For these women, family life is important, they devote a lot of time and energy to it, Timurovna is faithful to her husband, but at the same time, jealous, and she is strict with children, but she loves them endlessly.

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