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It is difficult to find more open, friendly, sympathetic and sincere people than the Savelyevichs. These men are always calm and balanced, they do not like to argue or impose their point of view on anyone, although they always have an opinion.

They express their opinion only when it is interesting to others. The Savelyevichs do not like to annoy others and complain about problems, but they never refuse help and support to friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Plus, they are extremely charming, smiling and easy-going, people like the Savelyevichs are always attracted to and want to be closer to them. After all, it is never boring with them, since men with the patronymic Savelievich are amazing and witty storytellers, well-read and educated, in companies they often become ringleaders and attract everyone's attention.

At work, these are qualified employees, whose opinion always means a lot to colleagues, and the bosses appreciate their diligence and competent approach to business.

Possessing also a subtle instinct, the ability to feel, understand and listen to people, the Savelyevichs often become psychologists, doctors and even teachers.

They usually devote their free time to fishing, outdoor recreation with friends, or visiting guests.

Family life for the Savelyevichs develops in different ways. Someone is lucky with a wife, with whom you can live your whole life, and sometimes it can even go as far as divorce due to adultery on the part of the spouse, since respect, trust and understanding are in the first place for these men.

Women with a patronymic Savelievna are distinguished by a positive attitude towards life. They are not used to being discouraged and depressed over trifles, so those around them are always happy at the sight of a smiling and blooming Savelievna.

Even serious obstacles and problems are not able to unsettle these cheerful women. Their ability to control themselves often helps others not to lose heart.

Strange as it may sound, but the Savelievna are extremely courageous women, they are accustomed to independently cope with any life trials and not ask anyone for help, although they themselves are always ready to come at the first call and lend a shoulder to a loved one.

These women have many friends who appreciate such responsiveness and sincerity. The Savelievna are quite self-critical and do not allow themselves weaknesses, and in relation to others they are quite tolerant and treat them with understanding.

These women are also distinguished by firm convictions, adherence to principles in everything and having their own opinion on any issue. True, at work, they do not seek to make a career and prove to everyone that they are better than others in something, on the contrary, their style is manifested in measuredness, diligence and hard work.

They are well-read, versatile natures with deep knowledge in various fields.

Family life for Savelievna begins quite early, but, as a rule, it develops successfully, the husband and children are always surrounded by attention and care, and Savelievna herself with the warmth and affection of her relatives.

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