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Men with the patronymic Romanovich are not too easy to communicate and are pretty stubborn. These are quite serious people, accustomed from childhood to approach any business carefully and responsibly.

They try not to lose sight of any detail and thoroughly study the process, down to the smallest detail. Such meticulousness does not always have a good effect on the work, because paying attention to the little things, you may never start the main part.

But on the other hand, such a thoughtful approach to the task makes the Romanovichs valuable, competent and qualified specialists. Men of this kind are inveterate debaters, they try to prove to everyone their innocence and solvency, but not everyone likes this attitude.

However, despite this, the Romanovichs have enough friends, since today you rarely meet such reliable, loyal and sympathetic people. Plus, they are avid dreamers and visionaries, they have a well-developed imagination that can be used in any creative work.

Relations with women in Romanovichs develop in different ways, although they are naturally attractive, smart, witty, but it is not always possible to immediately find that one, the search for which many devote their whole lives.

Most often, a marriage develops successfully if a woman is wise and a little cunning, knows how to make a man feel like the owner and head of the family. Romanovich adores children, tries to do everything so that the family lives in prosperity and does not need anything.

Romanovna - women are emotional and receptive, they like to be in sight, always lead an active lifestyle, trying not to miss any events happening around. In noisy companies, they often become the center of everyone's attention, love to communicate and meet new people.

True, the Romanovna do not always know how to restrain themselves, showing flexibility and tact, these women, as a rule, are too straightforward and speak the whole truth in person, not always thinking about what this may lead to.

They are independent and proud natures, accustomed to relying only on their own strengths, and this makes them persistent and strong personalities. They take work seriously, do not allow themselves and those around them to relax, believing that everything has its time and rest should only be done when everything is done impeccably.

The Romanovs value and respect worthy, smart and intelligent people, and with frivolous, irresponsible, and even more so with the narrow-minded, they try to reduce communication to nothing.

Women with the patronymic Romanovna are persistent and stubborn in achieving their intended goal, ready to go to the end, for the sake of success in business, so they make good leaders. They love men and try to communicate with them more, and for some reason they avoid women.

They are not in a hurry to get married, but create a family, only having a solid foundation under their feet. Being already married, the husband and children are not pampered too much, but at the same time they approach their offspring judiciously and responsibly.

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