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Men with a patronymic Pavlovich are introverted in their essence. They do not like society too much, as they are taciturn, reserved and, one might even say, somewhat insecure that they can be understood and accepted as they are.

People around them often see them gloomy and pensive, they keep a lot in themselves, think about serious things or lofty matters.

Pavlovichi from childhood are extremely independent, they are used to relying only on their own strengths in everything and not to depend on anyone. These qualities only paint men and help them in life in general.

At work, people with such a character do not like to be told what or how to do, which is why they often argue with their superiors, and this sometimes turns against them. Although they themselves love to teach and give instructions, and in case of disobedience they can flare up.

By nature, Pavlovichi are endowed with a good memory and good abilities in exact sciences, they make worthy mathematicians, designers or experimenters.

A complex and stubborn character prevents these men from easily getting along with people, so, as a rule, they do not have many friends. Pavlovich residents do not need constant communication, but prefer to do some serious things in their free time or read literature that makes you think.

They are in no hurry to create a family, they can even remain bachelors. When they get married, they try, if possible, to do everything in their power for the family and children, but for some reason they are shy to show feelings of tenderness and affection towards their loved ones.

As a rule, those around women with the patronymic Pavlovna think that they are stubborn, but at the same time interesting and pleasant people to talk to. They know how to attract attention, intrigue and create an atmosphere of fun and celebration around them.

Many are drawn to them, because Pavlovna, plus everything else, are kind, sympathetic natures who will never pass by someone who needs support or help.

By nature, these women are born leaders and leaders; at work, they do not perceive moralizing in their address, and at the same time they themselves distribute tasks and instructions to everyone. True, this does not prevent them from building a career and achieving considerable success there.

However, in family life, the desire to be the head and make basic decisions on their own, while driving the husband into a corner, interferes with the creation of a healthy and strong family, so the Pavlovna often get divorced and may eventually remain single.

But it should be noted that these women are amazing needlewomen, in their house there are always a lot of things made by hand, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort around.

Friends love to visit Pavlovna, so in addition to being interesting in communication, she is also a great cook.

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