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These are very hidden men, they say about such - "a thing in itself". Although these are quite smart people with a good imagination. The Matveyevichs have a good reaction and a lively mind, allowing them to get out of the most difficult situations, instantly making the right decisions.

At work, these are very useful workers who, in addition to performing large volumes, are also proactive. However, one should not blindly believe their promises - after all, Matveyevichs are not entirely obligatory.

But they are well versed in people, they themselves do not like when they are studied, they prefer to be in the shadows, not allowing themselves unnecessary actions and words. The Matveyevichs usually have few friends, although they have a sufficient number of acquaintances.

The owners of this patronymic are quite touchy, they themselves do not go to reconciliation, although they sulk more for appearance, without holding anger in their souls. Matveyevichs are very popular with women, they seem to be able to conquer any beauty.

However, they cannot find themselves in marriage, they marry for convenience, then for insane, quick love. In marriage, they are often influenced by the wife.

The Matveyevichs, born in summer, are less talented and popular with women, but very jealous.

If the owner of such a patronymic was born in winter, then this is a great worker, modest and unpretentious.

The Matveevna have a strong character, they are persistent, achieve their goals, do not hesitate in making decisions. These women are smart, even cunning, using all their trump cards and all kinds of tricks to achieve success.

If necessary, it will be a silly blonde, and if necessary, it will be a decisive business woman. It is difficult to involve them in their game; rather, they themselves try to use people to solve their problems.

They are extremely ambitious, focused on a career that they succeed. Matveevna have the gift of eloquence, easily convincing people of the correctness of their words.

These women do not control their emotions, they can explode and shout at the offender, and they are also vindictive, harboring resentment for a long time. Matveyevna love to lecture, expressing their opinion even where they are not asked. Usually such women do not have close friends, although there are enough acquaintances, especially men.

Matveyevna love to play sports, but more for health improvement, and not for results. They like to read a lot, show themselves in painting.

They love to drive, which is unusual for women. Matveevna are big women of fashion, dressing brightly and modernly.

In marriage, these women usually find happiness on the second try, since their desire to lead a husband provokes conflicts.

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