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These men stand out for their out-of-the-box thinking. They love to calculate everything in advance, it is difficult to convince them of something, while they hear and value only themselves. Usually Lvovich adopts features of appearance and character from his mother.

Men with such a patronymic are highly intellectual, with excellent memory, constantly strive to improve their level of education, often getting two or more higher education degrees. Lviv residents love animals, including photography and books.

These are hospitable men who themselves like to visit. The owners of this patronymic are not an exemplary husband, as they are prone to hobbies on the side, but at home this is a diligent and rich in invention owner.

Lvovites born in the fall reach great heights, as their talent is also accompanied by a rare diligence. They are great couch potatoes, love children, love to play intellectual games, solve crossword puzzles.

As they get older, they become grumpy. Lvovites are very complicated people. They do not always achieve their goals, but they are more diplomatic. These men are neat, read a lot, like to visit exhibitions, theater, concerts.

These women are gentle and calm, their life is measured, they are distinguished by great patience. Lvovna always know what to expect from people and from a situation without building illusions.

They are talented people, they know how to work, but the quality and speed of completing tasks very much depend on their mood. Lvovs have a good ear for music, loves both classical and modern music, often even choosing a profession in this area.

Her other great hobby is reading. Practical style is preferred in clothes. Lvovs love sweets, which often leads to their fullness.

These women are "early risers", preferring to get up earlier and get down to business. Lvov are big talkers, with age, her stress and depression become more frequent.

In family life, we prefer to occupy a leading position, imposing our foundations on our husband, and this often leads to quarrels, squabbles and even divorces. The housewives are not very neat, conflicting with the children.

Lvovs do not know how to cook well, in contrast to the "winter" ones, who are excellent cooks.

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