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Ivanovichs are very kind and sincere people, to whom others are drawn, however, often people abuse this quality of them. They are very responsive men, so they have many friends around them. But if the Ivanovichs understand that they are being abused by their trust and patience, they easily break off friendly relations.

The owners of this middle name are calm and accommodating. Although the Ivanovichs are pondering their actions, but this is happening slowly, so they sometimes cannot calculate all the options for the development of the upcoming business.

These men are very hardworking, but do not expect them to quickly complete the task, the Ivanovichs prefer a sedate, calm, but high-quality work performance, while they are absolutely in no hurry to make a career. In general, their skillful hands are capable of making almost anything.

The owners of this patronymic are not very lucky in marriage, although they are good husbands who love to tinker at home, tinker with children. Due to their gentleness, they often obey their wives.

In an effort to avoid this, they often look for hobbies outside the home, for example, motoring, they also adore animals. They love to relax outside the home, traveling, as they easily and quickly get ready for a long journey.

These are calm, balanced women, though not very open. Ivanovna are usually pragmatic, they are rarely impulsive, therefore they carefully calculate their actions and possible consequences in making decisions.

They are very kind and sincere women, reliable in terms of help, not trying to look harder than they really are.

In communication, the owners of this patronymic do not have problems, because they know how to present themselves and listen to those around them, although they prefer not to open their souls and secrets to everyone.

Ivanovna are rather suspicious women who are able to inflate an elephant out of a fly, without having any reason for this. Their advantage is that they are self-sufficient people who usually do not depend on the will of other people, but prefer to determine their own lives.

Their marriages are often short-lived, Ivanovna usually change several husbands, in the hope of finding the one. At the same time, they do not complain about the circumstances, blaming themselves for the failures.

They are good housewives who do not know the word "laziness", hospitable, love and know how to cook. Ivanovna are wonderful mothers who diligently take care of children - it is with them that children begin to read before anyone else and learn excellently.

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