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These men always stand out from the crowd. They are immediately noticeable by the style of clothing, by their charisma, their sexuality is striking to women.

These men are very freedom-loving, do not tolerate when they are given instructions, with all their straightforwardness they can, without thinking about the consequences, express everything they think about.

That is why they choose a job in which they will either be their own bosses, or away from management. Often Eduardovichs become businessmen, this is facilitated by their prudence and composure.

The owners of this patronymic are not chatty, they prefer deeds to words, so the conversation with them turns out to be short, dry, businesslike.

It is hard to deceive them, they calculate all possible options with precision. The Eduardovichs are very curious, but at the same time terribly impatient, therefore they often find themselves in various alterations.

In dealing with women, he loves riddle and variety, realizing that he fully knows his girlfriend - leaves her. Eduardovichs prefer intellectual communication, so, wishing to enlist his support, talk to him with a high, about new trends, about fashionable literature.

In marriage, he does not devote much time to his family, being more and more at work. But the Eduardovichs instill their character in their sons, doing them for a long time.

These women are very determined, focused on achieving their goals, it is difficult to force them to turn off the path. Eduardovny easily get to know people, involving them in the process of solving their problems, but at the same time they calmly part with those they no longer need.

These women are confident in themselves and in their positions, it is difficult to convince them, on the contrary, they themselves are trying to subjugate everyone.

Eduardovna has a high self-esteem, while not always justified. These women are hardworking, but prefer to show their zeal where it directly benefits them.

These women are very sexy, dress brightly and stylishly, men literally burn out with passion for them. However, they are in no hurry to marry Eduardovna, choosing a husband who would best match the image of her father.

At home, she is a wonderful hostess, clean, with culinary talents. Eduardovna is fond of supernatural phenomena, often wonders, loves animals, especially large dogs.

He loves to relax with his family at home, occasionally going out into nature. Eduardovnas do not like uncomfortable long trips or business trips.

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