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Dmitrievichi are men with a very complex character. Their actions are bold, but at the same time they can show "donkey" stubbornness. These men tend to spend a significant part of their lives in constant struggle, for which they sacrifice themselves.

Dmitrievichs are very stubborn and even stubborn, therefore they are often in conflict with someone. They are not shy in expressions and sometimes show themselves harshly and aggressively.

Dmitrievichs persistently achieve their intended goal, and people are treated with suspicion, relying only on themselves. They often show a willful and stubborn nature, doing everything in spite of, as soon as they please.

Dmitrievichs tend to slightly exaggerate everything and unconsciously lie, while they do not have a cold mind, or caution, or a strictly outlined line of behavior.

These men live, first of all, by impulse, they constantly have a desire to act and lead everything and everyone, which does not always lead to success.

Dmitrievichs are completely indifferent to the feelings and vulnerabilities of others and believe that there is no reason to spare them. These men are very difficult to lift, you have to take incredible efforts to stir them up and move them to new things, but, at the same time, when they start working, they show extreme diligence.

The owners of this patronymic are distinguished by their quarrelsome nature, as a result of which they often do not find a common language with colleagues. Dmitrievna are very reserved women, stubborn, and in their stubbornness they reach extremes.

They are characterized by cynicism, their sharp tongue often hurts others painfully with well-aimed barbs. Their character is adamant, so Dmitrievna rarely make concessions. It is truly difficult for loved ones with these women.

The owners of this patronymic are very domineering, this manifests itself even in simple conversations where they, without noticing it, impose their opinion on the interlocutor. Dmitrievna devote a lot of time to small details, sometimes just plunging into them and not noticing the main thing.

These women love to criticize others, and often just for no reason. In business they are careful, they are afraid of everything new. They do not come into conflict with their superiors, and sometimes they even show cowardice, without showing any adherence to principles.

They show complete indifference to clothes, so they sometimes look sloppy and careless. In their business, they are in complete confusion, since the Dmitrievna cannot organize their workplace in any way.

They have a quick-tempered disposition, with their suspicion and jealousy they can bring loved ones "to a white knee." With her husband, they try not to stand on ceremony, trying to prove themselves as the head of the family.

He enjoys success in male society, therefore he likes to spend time in such a company. Dmitrievna love to gossip and discuss behind the back of other people, and does not shun slander. She herself never trusts anyone and keeps her worries to herself.

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