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Men with the patronymic Boguslavovich are quite emotional, one might even say easily excitable people. Even the little things can make them mad, which is especially pronounced in adolescence, but over the years this passes and the character becomes softer.

At the same time, Boguslavovichs are naturally endowed with a flexible mind, which helps to smooth out excessive impulsiveness and explosive nature. But sometimes, in a fit of emotion, they commit rash acts that can lead to unpredictable results, and this can plunge the Boguslavovichs into despondency.

Despite the fact that these men are quite well-read and erudite, it is difficult for them to find a wife, since in their hearts they are vulnerable and sensitive people.

The Bogeslavovichs are quite stubborn, strong in spirit and somewhat impatient. They are hardworking, but they do not like to stand out at work and in the team, and at the same time they hate braggart and those who speak out of place.

These men value friendship and are capable of serious deeds for the sake of loved ones.

In family life, they are reliable life companions who love children and, oddly enough, they often have girls who are similar both in appearance and in character to their father.

And the Boguslavovichs prefer to spend their free time actively, going in for sports, as a rule, it is either skiing or a bicycle.

Women with the patronymic Boguslavovna are endowed with a vulnerable, slightly withdrawn, calm character. They are somewhat phlegmatic and in life it is easier for them to adapt to circumstances than to stubbornly go ahead for the sake of their goal.

These are non-conflict women with good manners, besides they have a sense of their own dignity, because it is their duty to keep a given word or promise. These women have a highly developed morality, therefore, she does not accept unworthy behavior from someone else.

Boguslavovna have a strong enough character, well-developed intuition, flexible mind, these women are attentive to trifles and against this background sometimes do not see the main thing. They are charming, attractive and sociable, men do not let such women pass.

True jealousy makes them sometimes unbearable, the Boguslavovna demand that their chosen one be there all the time and support them in everything. In business, they are active and assertive people, they are able to achieve what they want.

Those who were born in the fall are softer and calmer in character, a little prone to infantilism. They are more attached to home, family, children, they are good housewives who know how to cook deliciously and create comfort and warmth around them.

But at the same time, these are women who are restrained in expressing their feelings, although this does not prevent other people from turning to them for advice and help.

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