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This is a calm, sedate man, flexible and hardworking. Davidovich does not like to make a decision in a hurry, he prefers to think over and calculate the smallest details. His degree is in everything - in the unhurried formation of conclusions, in the elaboration of any, even the simplest, ideas.

These men are real workaholics who give themselves, their time and sacrifice their interests in the name of work. These are business people who value their time and the time of their colleagues, whose opinion is always relevant. They are inclined towards technical sciences, mathematics, physics, and they make great programmers.

The life of these people cannot be called easy, they are in a constant struggle for their place and for their happiness, and since they do not like to owe someone, Davydovichi prefer to solve all my problems myself.

The owners of this patronymic have very few friends, although the Davidovichs never refuse help, they are just by nature - loners, withdrawn and not emotional.

They usually get married at a mature age, their single status does not bother them at all. The family is given a minimum of attention, preferring to withdraw into themselves or into work problems. I also prefer to spend my leisure time alone, attending a cultural event or simply thinking.

This patronymic gives its owners such traits as adherence to principles and intransigence, and firmness and strength of character help to easily cope with any difficulties.

Careers come first for these women, and their desire to climb the career ladder can cause disagreements with colleagues. But with all this, at the work of the owners of this patronymic, management and colleagues appreciate their ability to work and great professionalism.

Davidovna is rarely seen with a wedding ring on her finger, she likes to be free and completely devote herself to work. If, nevertheless, these women decide to marry, then the family still remains in the background.

Household chores and worries are not for her, only raising children gives her joy. Family conflicts in such women may arise due to their jealousy and suspicion. Davidovna cannot be called vindictive, but she does not immediately forgive offenses.

Self-criticism, condescension to others, perseverance, determination and self-confidence - these qualities allow her to teach and guide other people. These women can try themselves as teachers or organizers.

Men are attracted by bright and prominent women, which are the owners of this middle name. They will always prefer a warm evening with their closest friends to a noisy company.

They are very active natures who do not like to waste time in vain. They love outdoor activities, but vacation is the time they prefer to spend alone.

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