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Men with such a middle name have a calm and gentle character. They are hardworking assiduous people. Often, however, they are slow. The people around them consider them dry, insensitive, but this is not so, the Alekseevichs prefer to keep all their feelings and experiences in themselves, fearing their wrong interpretation by others.

At work, these are irreplaceable, highly professional employees, they are alien to intrigue and gossip. Although ambitious, they prefer to achieve their goals with honest, monotonous work, knowing that they have a clear conscience.

Alekseevichs are very sympathetic, always ready to give up everything and come to the aid of their loved ones. True, this applies only to relatives and friends.

They are very picky about their appearance. Alekseevichs often visit hairdressers. It is difficult to see them unshaven, in a shirt that is not ironed.

In a family, due to their non-conflict, they can suffer because of a grumpy wife. In general, they love children very much, sometimes paying more attention to them than to their spouse.

In old age, their character deteriorates, selfishness and rancor awaken. It's just unbearable to be around them! In this case, they will aggravate diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract.

Such a middle name gives women a calm, balanced character. Alekseevna easily find a common language with people. They stand firmly on their feet, calculating their actions and their consequences.

Alekseevna know what to expect from life and do not hover in the clouds. At work, they build their careers step by step, brick by brick, not hesitating to use the connections and the right people.

Their attitude to people is often categorical, without halftones. People are clear about either friends or enemies. Either to those who help, or to those who interfere. And it is very difficult to convince them otherwise.

These are gentle and love-seeking women. Alekseevna are wonderful housewives, they cook superbly, their houses are always clean and comfortable. The family budget is calculated far ahead and, of course, is being fulfilled. Alekseevna always knows about the problems of children, they are happy to share their little secrets with their mother.

In the family, they try to solve all the issues themselves. It is these women who have henpecked husbands. Not all men like this role, therefore, divorces are frequent in Alekseevn families. Husbands are frightened by frequent whims and stubbornness.

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