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They are calm, reasonable men. They know the value of time and words. The Adamovichs cannot sit idly by; they often invent and seek activities for themselves. At the same time, the quality of work does not suffer. If they take on something, then this business is carried through to the end, showing decent results. This helps them in career advancement.

Adamovichs often become leaders and generally easily move up the career ladder. They know how to easily and effectively share experience, so they often choose the profession of teachers and educators.

They are very interesting to those around them, which is why there are many friends and girlfriends around them. They attract with their versatility, erudition. They love an active lifestyle, but if their business does not allow them to go in for sports, they love to watch it.

Adamovich have a cheerful character, a sense of humor. These people are great friends, you can and should always rely on them.

In their personal life, they prefer to make a choice once and for all, which, in view of their popularity and the abundance of options, is not difficult for them to do. In the family, however, it is easy to give the reins of house and household management to the wife.

Those women, whose fathers were called Adam, can truly be called aerial creatures. They are quite emotional, it is easy to offend them with a careless word, and strong feelings can be aroused. However, they are not vindictive. Often not even people, but events (beautiful sunset, summer rain, sad movies) evoke a sea of ​​emotions.

Adamovna try not to participate in conflicts, avoid quarrels and showdowns. But they cannot be called spineless, in the right situations they can easily show adherence to principles and defend their point of view, even allowing a conflict.

They are the center of any company, they have many friends and acquaintances. The Adamovs do not tolerate emptiness around them. At the same time, they attract others with their sincerity and desire to help. Turn to such a woman for advice, and she will certainly give you it. Animals love them very much. Often even several pets live in the house.

The Adamovna are pragmatic housewives, usually they have a budget calculated far ahead and they clearly know where what lies at home. For such women, it is natural with all their might to surrender themselves to the care of husbands, children, and parents.

However, their emotionality pushes them in search of the ideal man. In her head, the thought constantly lives of the fidelity of the choice of her chosen one. However, in the event of separation, the man does not become their enemy.

Oddly enough, the Adamovna are not very fond of moving and traveling.

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