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These men are clearly not everyone's favorites and the center of attention. They can be called "prickly". Tact is clearly not their main advantage. They are usually very reserved people.

Before communicating with someone, Akimovichs will take a long look at the person. That is why they have such a small social circle and very few friends. They are often considered "die-hard", they, because of their stubbornness, can defend a knowingly wrong position.

Akimovichs do not tend to underestimate their own strengths, but they usually do not show much zeal, preferring to move up the career ladder not at the expense of results, but at the expense of their demonstration, which, again, does not make them friends with the team.

These men prefer passive leisure - a computer, a sofa, a TV set. Departure for nature or tourist trips is not for them, they will gladly spend their holidays at home.

Akimovichs often have domestic servants, because they themselves do not like to do the housework, and their "prickly" character prevents them from getting married.

And it cannot be said that their independent family status is somehow burdensome for them. Among the Akimovichs, a fairly large percentage of bachelors.

If your father's name was Akim, then those around you respect you. Perhaps this is because you respect yourself. They say about such people - "he knows his own worth." These people are proud but also respect the dignity of others. Any injustice causes protest in them.

Often Akimovna are mediators in disputes, often associated with this and their professional activities. They are quite comfortable in the judicial area.

In general, these women are quite benevolent, they will not refuse help if a person really needs it. Throughout the life of Akim's daughter, they stubbornly seek their own path, not bowing their heads to difficulties, not looking for excuses and opponents, but relying on themselves, their strengths and capabilities.

They are impressed by the similar behavior of other people. Sometimes, it seems that the Akimovns are withdrawn, but they just control their feelings well. Although inside them serious mental dramas can be played out.

Probably, these women cannot be the standard of a real hostess. They are more interested in chatting with guests than standing by the stove cooking for them. They adhere to the idea of ​​minimal comfort, they will provide a hearty dinner for their husband, but they will not pamper him with sweet or gastronomic masterpieces. Sometimes this can be the cause of family discord, because these women are not always able to adapt to their husbands.

In the matter of raising children, Akimovna correspond to their life positions. They love children, despite their seeming severity, prefer a trusting relationship based on honesty.

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