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Meaning of the name

Olesya is translated from Greek as "protector".


Little Olesya is stubborn and independent, her character resembles her mother, but outwardly she is very similar to her father, to whom she is most attached. She studies well at school, attends sports clubs, has many girlfriends, but most often she simply "does not notice" boys.

Olesya often catches cold, her weak point is her upper respiratory tract. However, frequent absences from classes do not affect Olesya's progress in any way; she is quite capable of mastering knowledge on her own.

In his youth, Olesya is distinguished by originality and eccentricity, she is able to commit acts that cause a shock state in loved ones. She is fearless, loves travel, well physically developed, so do not be surprised if Olesya suddenly decides to go in for mountaineering or air sports - this is quite in her spirit!

After graduating from school, she is faced with a choice - to continue her studies in order to master such an attractive (but not suitable for a woman) profession of a sea captain, geologist, surgeon, or, yielding to the tearful requests of her relatives, to learn a calmer job? Most often, she chooses the latter.

Adult Olesya is truthful, straightforward, active, very hardworking, respected by employees and superiors. Even choosing a calm profession, not associated with risk and long business trips, she remains in her soul the same reckless adventurer, and even on vacation she will give herself free rein - she will wave with her friends to Everest, along the rivers of Siberia or join the participants in an air show. In any case, she prefers outdoor activities.


Olesya is beautiful, beautifully built, knows how to dress well, is sociable, because from her youth she is surrounded by a crowd of fans. She is very charming, but pays little attention to men, as she is extremely demanding of a partner, and the stronger sex will have to make a lot of efforts to win her heart.

Olesya is proud, she is not inclined to self-criticism and believes that there should be a person nearby who corresponds to her merits. In bed, she most often takes an active position, is passionate, strives for the satisfaction of herself and her partner.

Having married, she manifests herself as a faithful wife, a caring mother. The first marriage is not entirely successful for Oles, if they decide to join their fate with a man who was born in winter. But failure will not be the cause of Olesya's depression, she will not be inclined to transfer negative experiences to her subsequent relationships with men.

The second marriage of this woman, as a rule, is strong and durable. Most often, she has children of different sexes.

Olesya is overly curious, she is easily carried away, extremely sexy, somewhat complacent. In love, she is faithful and not jealous.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn.


The word Olesya gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, simple, smooth, round, light, light, gentle, bright.

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