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Meaning of the name

Oscar is a common name in Western Europe. Translated from Old English it means "the spear of God".


As a child, Oscar is a frequently ill child who gives his loved ones maximum excitement and worries. Little Oscar is restless, active and pugnacious, but infinitely curious and intelligent. He can listen for hours to what will interest him, be it grandmother's fairy tale or father's story about fishing.

Despite his hot temper, Oscar is a sociable and addicted child. He starts several things at the same time, but due to lack of patience and perseverance does not bring them to the end.

Winter-born Oscar is pathologically stubborn. Most often it is a passionate collector. There are many philatelists among the "winter" Oscars.

Oscar, born in the spring, grows up, calms down a little, even becomes a graduate of an institute or university. However, most often "life throwing" and "soul impulses" do not give Oscar a clear definition of life goals.

Oscar, born in summer - inherits from his mother not only appearance, but also impressionability, vulnerability, romanticism. Oscar takes mostly temperament and mindset from his father. Not confident in himself, often does not believe in women, so he creates a family at a fairly mature age.

Oscar, born in the fall, is perhaps the kindest of all Oscars. With pleasure he arranges gatherings and sabantui at home, has a mathematical mindset.

He works in finance, economics, and can be a pretty good mathematician. Oscar is suitable for the professions of teacher, doctor, programmer, architect, musician, artist, journalist.


Oscar is selective in love. He feels comfortable with a woman older than him, experienced and strong. He is attracted by established personalities, outwardly similar to his mother.

Oscar needs understanding, his natural disgust sometimes prevents him from enjoying sex to the fullest.

Oscar's behavior in sex can hardly be called uninhibited, but if he is “in shock”, his partner will definitely fly to “seventh heaven”.

Oscar prefers sex with a regular partner. A romantic by nature, Oscar loves to make pleasant surprises for his beloved, such as rose petals in bed or dinner by candlelight. Oscar in love is tenderness and attentiveness itself, rudeness and rudeness are alien to him.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Oscar gives the impression of something simple, majestic, rude.

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