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Meaning of the name

Orestes means "highlander" in Greek.


In childhood, they look like mothers. Painful, especially during adolescence. They study well at school, they are assiduous. They love to take care of animals, they can bring home a sick stray dog ​​and take care of him.

In general, these are docile people, persistent in achieving their goals. They have great abilities in exact sciences. They love to "fight for the truth", as a result, they themselves are beats. We must remember that initiative is punishable.

They successfully work as trainers, engineers, plasterers, electricians, doctors. They are sociable, quickly converge with people and painfully experience a breakup. The first marriage is short-lived, the second turns out to be happy. They like to keep big dogs, for example, mastiff. And they love nature.


Although Orestes manages to "taste the forbidden fruit" before many of his friends. to join the intimate side of life, licentiousness is alien to him.

Orestes' sexual needs are largely determined by his relationship to his partner. For him, her reciprocal trust and emotional attachment are also very important.

He appreciates the beauty of his girlfriend, at the moment of intimacy he tells her about it, enveloping intimate relationships with a veil of romance.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Orest gives the impression of something good, loud, powerful, active, bright.

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