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Agot is good
Alva - elf
Alfheeld - the slain elf
Alfhildr - the slain elf
Alfsigr - elf victory
Anniken - benefit, grace
Annikin - benefit, grace
Arnbjorg - eagle defense
Arnbjorg - eagle defense
As - goddess
Aslog - the betrothed woman of god
Astridr - god and beautiful
Astritr - God is beautiful

Basildr - improved, compensation
Bergdis - protection of the spirit
Benedict - Blessed
Berglayot ​​- useful light
Bergljot - useful light
Bergtora - Spirit of Thor
Borghild - battle fort
Brinhield - armored woman warrior
Brinhildre - armored woman warrior

Verdendi - need
Vertendi - need
Vibek - war
Vigdis - war goddess
Volkiri - the one who chooses the slain

Hannvor the Vigilant Warrior
Gunnhield - military slain
Guard - nested, citadel
Grid - world
Gray - dawn
Grese - pearls
Gutlog - God-wife
Guthrun - God's Secret Knowledge

Jerd - nested, citadel
Joranne is a mare to love
Jorun is a stallion to love
Dagny is a new day
Dagrun - day, secret knowledge

Ertr - destiny

Idannr - to love
Isunnr - to love again
Ingvild - the power of the meadow
Ingridr - beautiful meadows
Injeborg - help, protection
Injibjorg - help, protection
Injijerdr - nested
Injigertr - nested

Kelda - fountain, spring or well
Ketilridr - cauldron, kettle
Kjellfried - cauldron, kettle, beautiful
Kjersti - follower of Christ
Kdzherstin - follower of Christ
Kirsten is a follower of Christ
Christine is a follower of Christ
Keia - chicken, chicken
Carey is clean
Karita - Darling
Caroline is a human

Liz - god is my oath
Loviz is a famous warrior

Margrese - pearls
Magnheld - the mighty slain
Merith - pearl

Nanna - Courage

Rebecca - The Trap
Ragnbjorg - Wise Protector
Ragnfriedr - wise and beautiful
Ragnheider - a bright meeting
Ragnhildr - Battle Advisor

Saga - the seer
Siv - the bride
Sign - new victory
Signy - new victory
Sigridr - a beautiful victory
Sigritr - a beautiful victory
Sigrun - the secret of victory
Sif the bride
Silge - Blind
Skuld - future
Solveig - strong house

Tyra is a god
Torah is thunder
Torbjorg - Thor's Defense
Torbert - the shine of Thor
Torfridr - the world of Thor
Peat - the world of Thor
Thorhield - slain Thor
Tofa - the world of Thor

Urd - destiny

Frea - lady, mistress
Freija - lady, mistress
Freya - lady, mistress
Frigga - to love
Frita - the world

Khjordis - the goddess of the sword
Heidrun - wasteland

Eidis - goddess of the island
Eir - help, merciful

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