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Meaning of the name

Old Norse means "fortuneteller". The name goes back to the ancient Scandinavian deities - Norns. According to legend, the Norns determined the fate of a person at birth.


Little Nora is by no means a spoiled child. Parents rarely indulge her whims and teach her to achieve what she wants with willpower and perseverance. A girl from an early age learns to hide her feelings.

Nora has an excellent memory, this allows her at school and university to pretend that she has mastered the educational material, but in fact she just mechanically repeats what she remembered. Her knowledge is somewhat superficial. She enjoys learning languages.

Adult Nora is a calm, balanced, self-confident woman, at least it seems so at first glance. In fact, she is emotional and sensitive, but she is used to hiding feelings at heart.

She has an analytical mindset, selfish, selfish. She will never listen to the interlocutor arguing in the language of emotions, but she will definitely pay attention to the words of a calm, self-confident person who thoughtfully and logically proves all the benefits of his proposal.

This determined and domineering woman can achieve success in life. Most often he chooses the work of a translator, stewardess, saleswoman, actress, singer, or finds himself in the diplomatic field.

Nora does not provoke conflicts, because she is not predisposed to emotional breakdowns and knows how to hide her feelings if their manifestation can harm her. It transforms pent-up emotions into energy used to achieve a goal.

But if this goal is not there or when it is achieved, the inner tension looks for a way out, and Nora becomes overly irritable.


At first glance, Nora is cold and unapproachable, but upon closer acquaintance, an eternally young woman full of the joy of life appears before us. Nora prefers bright colors in clothes, she is extremely sociable.

Possessing innate acting skills, she can skillfully play a righteous woman, but under the influence of mood or desire to attract attention to herself, she is able to neglect the generally accepted norms of morality and ethics.

Nora is passionate and sexy, in bed she is able to give a partner maximum pleasure, provided that the man turns out to be consistent with her ideas about an ideal partner.

Nora dreams of great love, but often cheats on herself, choosing men who are far from her ideal, while at the same time annoyingly disappointed.

Having married, Nora does not limit her contacts with friends and acquaintances, and her relaxed behavior in society gives rise to her husband's jealousy.


Orange, brown, steel.

A rock

Carnelian, white agate, gold.

Zodiac sign

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Libra.


The sound of the name Nora gives the impression of something courageous, brave, big, majestic, good, simple, loud, rough, bright, strong, powerful.

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