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Meaning of the name

Nikita translated from ancient Greek means "winner".


This is a man who knows his own worth. He is accustomed to take care of himself, does not bother loved ones. She studies well at school. Practical but impatient. Having chosen a goal in life, he goes to it in a direct way, without wasting time on secondary things. They do not like to be commanded, they are firm, persistent, stubborn and at the same time sensitive and vulnerable.

Outwardly they look like their mother, but their character is paternal. Their family life is difficult, but they prefer not to get divorced out of love for children. Very loyal sons.

He is worried about small, and sometimes simply non-existent, imaginary problems. Often lacking initiative, weak-willed and not inclined to change. Although, under the influence of a sudden impulse, he is capable of unexpected actions leading to sharp turns of fate.

These men have a talent from God. They are leaders, however, this does not apply to family life. They have few friends, Nikita is devoid of diplomacy, does not want to adapt to anyone and does not tolerate anyone's superiority.

Born in winter are difficult to communicate, big debaters. They are hardworking, think over their plans to the smallest detail. They do not tolerate long telephone conversations.

Summer-borns are not very lucky in marriage, but they are patient. They love animals and always keep a big dog in the house. They enjoy driving the car themselves, but they will not repair the car. They are fond of music. Caring sons.


A distinctive feature inherent in Nikita is lack of assembly. It is impossible to force him to concentrate entirely and for a long time on one thing. This trait determines all his actions.

Nikita is just as unstable in his sympathies and affections. He is kind, but quick-tempered and in one fell swoop is able to cross out all the good and long-established, to break any connection.

The desire for intimacy does not complicate his love affair, for Nikita the external data of the partner, intellect, a free attitude to sex, and active sexual behavior are important. He is a great partner and a subtle psychologist. He does not allow himself to relax during an intimate process that gives him the highest degree of pleasure.

Nikita's passion for changing places and circumstances determines his way of life. A partner will never become his guiding star if she is not sophisticated enough in sex. He breaks up with her without regret.

The more Nikita has sex, the more likely it is for him to find an experienced partner; and having achieved love and sexual satisfaction with her, Nikita strives again and again to the chosen one.

Experiencing love pleasure, Nikita forgets about the world around him, but, unfortunately, only for a moment. He experiences orgasm as the highest degree of bliss, and happiness and satisfaction are associated for him primarily with deep love for his partner.

Nikita is very sensitive. Not every woman can excite him, the excitement can be insignificant, sometimes very weak, which is expressed in the degree of erection; this happens if there are emotional problems with a partner.

However, such a situation is not typical for Nikita's intimate experience. His politeness contributes to maintaining mutual respect in a relationship with his beloved, and this is sincere, not ostentatious politeness.

For Nikita, it is important to have a long acquaintance and an unburdened relationship, an appropriate atmosphere, a comfortable apartment and the absence of interference. He does not like a long love game, the exchange of affection of the most various kinds is usually short-lived. The ideal situation for Nikita is a solemn, intimate festive evening with many erotic stimulants.

In marriage, he is stubborn, jealous, does not always yield to his wife, does not go to meet her. Nikita is getting married twice. Children of different sexes are born.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Nikita gives the impression of something gentle, feminine, hot, quiet, small.

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