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Meaning of the name

Nicholas translated from ancient Greek means "conqueror of nations".


Nikolai always has his own opinion on any issue, but he is not a know-it-all, it's just a property of any quick mind that obeys more intuition than logic. This is a rather proud and self-willed person, in childhood he will hardly be distinguished by perseverance, and no persuasion or threats will help here, the only thing that can make him patiently do something is his own interest.

In early childhood, Kolya almost does not get sick, he does not bother his parents with whims. He grows up as a strong, healthy child. Strength, activity and intelligence distinguish Kolya the schoolboy. He usually studies well, without giving preference to any subject. Suffers from a lack of parental attention.

The task of parents is to find a really worthy business for Nikolai's hobby, because often the child's interest remains with him for life. It can be sport, and collecting, and science, but it is most favorable if these hobbies subsequently find their continuation in the professional sense.

Often Kolya "cheered" among his peers, and in adulthood is able to become a good organizer. He can learn the art of diplomacy early, preferring not to show others his true thoughts. An exception can be made only by close people, and even then not always. Of course, secrecy is not a great virtue, but diplomacy can still bring good results, especially in leadership positions.

Always shows amazing practical sense, copes with difficulties without outside help. Balanced, hardworking and efficient. She will never give up the opportunity to earn money. In relations with people, Nikolai is simple and friendly, but in the role of a leader he looks like a little king.

Subordinates are afraid of both his concentrated silence and the violent outbursts of anger that he occasionally has. Blinded by anger, he has little control over his actions. However, some aggressiveness distinguishes only "winter" Nikolaev. Regret for the deed comes quickly, and then he walks for a long time guiltily.

Another feature of a mobile mind is a tendency to wit, and in Nikolai's wit can serve not only to raise the mood, but also as a weapon. Of course, Nikolai can use all these qualities in life both for the benefit and vice versa, much depends on the direction of his interests.

Well, in order for his fate to be more successful, you can advise him to try to soften his pride, and level his willfulness to independence, having learned to sincerely respect both his own will and the will of others. Then diplomacy may turn out to be superfluous.

Nikolai is amorous, passionate in love. She will invite the woman she likes on a date, and in a couple of days she will offer her hand and heart. What others will say about him, how they will react to his cavalry onslaught, worries Nikolai little. Jealous, uncontrollable in a fit of jealousy.

Likes to tinker around the house, performs many works independently. Nikolay should be careful with alcohol, as addiction to it develops quickly and can result in alcoholism. Loves children very much. With them, he transforms, indulges all their whims and whims.


Nikolai prefers partners who are much higher than him on the social ladder. Nikolay is one of the most interesting partners; all Nicholas, regardless of the month of birth, prefer plump women, soft and sensual.

Born in the summer, Nikolai hesitates for a long time to tie himself in marriage, not being sure of his masculinity. He has a broad, generous nature, he is charming, loves variety, does not tolerate a template.

Born in the fall, power-hungry, few people find an approach to him. For him, sex is life. In whatever state he is, he always remains a man. His love is sensitive to the slightest trouble, during intimacy with a woman he can be unbalanced by someone coughing behind the wall or the sound of a tram passing along the street.

Born in winter, Nikolai is complex in nature, persistent, but when he wants to achieve his goal, he is able to show flexibility. Loves women and does not lack their choice.

For Nikolai, sex is an integral part of family happiness. The more intense and deeper his feelings, the more frank he is in sex. Respect, friendship, affection for a woman, no matter how strong they are, can never fully satisfy him. He does not forgive infidelity to his wife, but, for his part, does not consider a connection with another woman to be cheating.


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Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Nikolai gives the impression of something beautiful and safe.

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