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Meaning of the name

The name comes from the Georgian name for the capital of Assuria. According to other sources - from the Greek name of the founder of the Syrian state of Ninos.


Little Nina is stubborn and proud, she is unrestrained, does not have much respect for her elders. Persistent in achieving the goal. Protects the weak, while he can even fight with offenders. At school he does well, reaches for the best students.

Growing up, asking questions of honor, public opinion means a lot to her. She easily finds a common language with her peers, follows teenage fashion. However, sometimes it is accepted to read lectures to friends, which does not contribute to the development of good relations with friends.

Adult Nina is distinguished by punctuality, integrity and emotionality. She is an excellent employee, is respected among employees, in good standing with her superiors, and is rapidly moving up the career ladder.

Nina is very beautiful, charming, feminine, smart, therefore she easily finds a good husband. But the family life of this woman is full of difficulties. She often takes out her anger or just a bad mood on her husband and children, is extremely demanding and picky about her family members, who, in her opinion, do not show due zeal when performing the tasks assigned to them.

She herself tries to achieve the ideal in everything and tries to improve everyone who falls into the zone of her stormy activity - she devotes a lot of time to raising children, diligently monitoring their studies, controls her husband, often makes comments to him if she notices some laziness in doing household chores. Nina is the leader in the family, the household members treat her with some degree of fear.

Nina rarely has a good relationship with her mother-in-law, since she will never accept a subordinate role in the family. Nina is a wonderful thrifty hostess, she cooks very well and keeps the house clean, hospitable. But if the husband tries to dominate, he will not accept this state of affairs and, most likely, will initiate a divorce.


Nina is extremely sweet and attractive, independent and self-reliant. Outwardly, she is restrained and calm, but the fire of unquenchable passion always burns in her eyes, so Nina has a lot of fans. In sex, she often rushes to extremes - sometimes liberated and hot like fire, sometimes colder than ice, squeezed and constrained.

Men usually do not understand what caused such changes in her mood and are a little lost. But if the partner shows tact and perseverance, he will be rewarded - Nina is able to give her chosen one the widest range of unforgettable erotic sensations.

In bed, she rarely takes the initiative, but is able to respond to a passionate partner with such an outburst of reciprocal passion that he will never forget.

Leading in everyday affairs, in bed she rarely takes the initiative. But the man who knows how to kindle the fire of passion in her can burn himself - Nina can be so hot. Outwardly, she is quite restrained and cold, but there is a kind of dancing light in her eyes that makes men pay attention to Nina.

In sex, Nina does not recognize haste, she goes slowly towards rapprochement, studying her chosen one. And only when he is sure that he really has a passionate attraction to her, does he agree.

She prepares for a date for a long time and in detail, shows attention to her partner, directly asks about his passions and desires, and in return tells about her preferences in love games. Her satisfaction with intimacy largely depends on her partner.



A rock

Chrysolite, tiger's eye, beryl.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Pisces.


The word Nina gives the impression of something safe, kind, beautiful, gentle, hot.

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