Theoretical merphology

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Mayer's law

If the facts do not support the theory, they should be discarded.


1. The broader the theory, the better.

2. If, in order to obtain results consistent with the theory, it is necessary to discard no more than fifty percent of the observed measurements, the experiment can be considered a success.

Storman's Law

An idea is not responsible for people who believe in it.

Dominance law

The first example of a dominant principle that comes across is always weaker than a developed example of a subordinate principle.

Macbeth's Commentary on Evolution

The best theory is not necessarily the best theory just because it is the best.

Barr's inertial principle

Asking a group of scientists to revise their theory is like asking a group of police officers to revise a law.

Jones Achievement Act

Anyone who has made a significant contribution to any field of activity and continues to work in it for a long time becomes an obstacle to progress here - and to a degree directly proportional to the significance of his initial contribution.

Perlzweig's law

What goes around comes to us.

Axiom of Velrud

The disorder spreads in breadth and depth in proportion to the tolerance for it.

White's Chappaquiddick theorem

The quicker and more detailed you break bad news, the better.

Matshsh's law

If some things could go at random, but did not go, then in the end it turns out that it would still be more useful for them to go that way from the very beginning.

Sartre's observation

Hell is others.

Pascal about man

The more people I see, the better I relate to my dog.

Salk's Law

The secret to happiness is relying on as few other people as possible.

Tomlin's truism

Man invented language to satisfy his deepest need to complain.

Millikan's principle

Madness is when they do the same thing in the same way and expect different results.

Bering Difference

1. Philosophy are questions that can never be answered.

2. Religion is the answer that can never be questioned.

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