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The first law of financial dynamics

An unexpected cash income is always followed by an unexpected expense of the same magnitude.

Ordering principle

Materials and supplies needed for yesterday's project must be ordered no earlier than tomorrow before lunchtime.

Generalized Epstein-Heisenberg principle

In the field of research and development, only two of the three essential parameters - the task at hand, time and financial resources - can be determined simultaneously.

1. If you know what the task is, and there is a time limit for its completion, then no one is even able to guess how much it will cost.

2. If time and financial resources are well defined, it is impossible to know how much of a given research task can be accomplished.

3. If a clearly formulated goal of research work is set, as well as a certain amount of money, which, according to calculations, is necessary to complete the specified task, then it is impossible to predict whether it will be possible to achieve the set goal and when it will be done. and he knows how to accurately determine all three of these parameters, then his activity takes place outside the framework of the world of scientific research.

John's Corollary

To get a bank loan, you must first prove that you do not need it.

Gerard's Law

When you have sufficient funds in your checking account, check clearing takes two weeks. When funds are insufficient, checks are cleared within one night.

(Clearing is a non-cash settlement system based on mutual offset of claims and obligations.)

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