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Meaning of the name

The name has Old Slavic roots, meaning "hope".


Little Nadya in the family is most often the only child, everyone loves and pampered her. This can stimulate the development of selfishness, parents will have to make a lot of efforts to instill in her altruism.

Nadia is mobile, emotional, somewhat stubborn, calculating and adventurous. She loves music, singing, dancing, noisy children's games.

Her health is usually good, the only weak point is the bronchi.

At school, Nadya is most often an excellent student, attends various circles, prefers a company of girls, among whom she occupies a leading position.

Growing up, Hadezhda retains a high emotionality, but learns self-restraint, self-control, tries to hide emotional impulses. At work, she has no equal.

Nadezhda is a real workaholic. She would rather stay in the office for an hour or two and complete the work she has begun than accept an employee's offer to dine in a restaurant or stroll around the evening city.

On her own piece of land, be it a garden or a summer cottage, she works wonders, getting large harvests to the surprise and some envy of her neighbors.

Hope, born in winter, is distinguished by some isolation and silence.

Born in the spring, she will never miss her profit, looks after her appearance, most often chooses the profession of an actress, stewardess, artist.

Nadezhda, born in summer, loves long journeys, loves to help people, her calmness and endurance can only be envied.

Born in the fall, she gives herself completely to work, is obligatory and truthful. Most often he chooses the profession of a pediatrician, nurse, veterinarian.


Hope is a passionate, sensitive and sexy nature. She is charming, well educated, and spares no expense or time to take care of her appearance.

In his early years, having not yet learned to control his impulses, he experiences several stormy romances, but over time he learns to control his temperament and not lose his head.

Having an innate talent as an actress, Nadezhda is able to turn the head of any man. She skillfully sorts out information from him about the ideal, from his point of view, woman and demonstrates, when meeting, exactly those qualities that are pleasant to her chosen one.

She will show her true face only when she is convinced that the chosen one is completely in her power and will not notice small changes in her character.

Nadezhda chooses a usually calm, collected man with a fairly high level of intelligence and not too passionate as her husband. She will lead him, but she will do it so skillfully that her husband will not guess that it is she who skillfully leads him to make this or that decision.

A good housewife and loving mother, Nadezhda devotes a lot of time to raising children, trying to instill in them respect for work and for people, acting not by word, but by her own example.


Brown, steel.

A rock

Opal, amber, agate.

Zodiac sign



The word Hope gives the impression of something brave, big, rude, powerful.

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