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Meaning of the name

Natalia in translation from Latin means "native".


Little Natasha is extremely shy, emotional and indulgent. She is a big dreamer, sociable, easily finds a common language with others. However, she reacts to aggression and an attempt to offend her with lightning speed. Outwardly frivolous, in difficult situations, unexpectedly collected and independent.

In school years, she manifests herself as a diligent student with a strong will and not amenable to other people's influence. She will never give herself offense and often stands up in defense of weak and weak-willed classmates.

Natalia has many friends and girlfriends, but there are not enough real friends. Likes to draw, travel, go on hikes and excursions, living according to the principle "it is better to see once than hear a hundred times."

Adult Natalia - feminine, gentle, but extremely stubborn and wayward, hot-tempered and mysterious - a real mystery woman. It's almost impossible to get her to change her mind once she's made. She is unable to accept views that contradict her own.

She is extremely self-confident and distrustful, relies only on herself to solve problems. Has a clear, cold mind, iron logic, strong will. She is ambitious, takes her mistakes and failures as a personal insult.

Natalia is very touchy, and if she did not take revenge on the offender, this does not mean at all that she forgave the insult inflicted on her. And Natalia, born in December, is generally better not to offend, because she is a skillful intriguer and usually does not leave the offender unpunished, although sometimes she does not act directly.

Natalia has excellent intuition and wherever feminine tact, caution, decisiveness is needed, achieves success. She is sincere and unselfish, by no means indifferent to money and at the same time very generous.

He has good health, the weak point is the respiratory system. Smoking has an extremely destructive effect on her body.

Natalia, born in spring, has a delicate taste, has a subtle sense of the mood of others, and is very artistic. Most often she becomes a music teacher, museum employee, artist-modeller, actress, fashion model, designer.

Born in the summer is distinguished by excessive activity, sexuality and the ability to enjoy life.

"Autumn" is practical, ambitious, self-confident. Can work as a translator, mathematician, archaeologist, historian, television announcer.

If Natalia was born in winter, then she has a developed sense of rhythm. She is reserved, endowed with a sharp mind. Most often he chooses the profession of a mathematician, accountant or bookkeeper.


Natalia is very sociable, she just needs communication. She surrounds herself with interesting people, loves to receive guests, is erudite, tactful - it is not surprising that she has many fans.

Sex is of great importance in Natalia's life, but she can only achieve complete satisfaction with an ideal, from her point of view, partner whom she chooses herself. She is extremely touchy, even the most trifling remark hurts her and alienates her from her partner.

Natalia cannot always keep the man she likes next to her, so her personal life is not easy. However, she will never discuss her personal problems with her friends or boyfriends.

Natalia gets married early, she chooses her future spouse quickly, without hesitation. The only thing her husband should remember is that Natalia needs to be praised more often, and then she will surpass herself and, moreover, she will easily find a common language with her mother-in-law.

Natalia is able to fill the house with cheerfulness, peace and love, she is hospitable, because her house is always full of guests who appreciate this beautiful, sincere woman.


Brown, red, light green.

A rock

Turquoise, sapphire.

Zodiac sign



The word Natalia (Natalia) gives the impression of something brave, big, majestic, good, simple, safe, beautiful, smooth, bright, joyful, round.

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