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Meaning of the name

Nathan translated from Hebrew means "God gave".


In childhood, these boys do not cause any trouble. They are calm and obedient, they study well, do not conflict with their peers, and are reasonable. They play music, love to draw, play chess. They look like a mother both in appearance and in character.

By sound, the name Nathan betrays in its owner a direct person, but far from harsh. In his energy, balance is clearly felt, but this is the balance of a stretched string, which makes Nathan a rather sensitive person.

Taking into account the fact that a person with such a name is usually endowed with, although balanced, but still significant pride, one can expect that Nathan's sensitivity to external influences will make him extremely touchy.

However, Nathan, who is completely not prone to aggression, is unlikely to react too actively to an offense, rather, he will simply begin to withdraw into himself, and ice will appear in his tone in relations with offenders.

Men with this name have golden hands, among them there are many artisans. They are efficient and carry any business to the end; they are flexible husbands and good fathers (usually sons and very rarely daughters).

There are no leaders in the family, they completely trust their wife in housekeeping. Because of their indecision, they do not marry for a long time, and after getting married they live with their parents. Picky about food, but squeamish. They are very welcoming.

They can't stand braggart and don't like to brag themselves. Responsive and ready to help without demanding anything in return. Among those born in the summer there are many spineless.

In general, many Nathans are characterized by some coldness in relationships with others, although this does not at all apply to loved ones. Among his family or among real friends, he is usually known as a very sincere person who knows how to empathize and compassion.

The only exceptions are those families where there is no genuine intimacy between the spouses: here Nathan can continue to wear his ice mask and even, due to his excitability, turn into a rather irritable person.

Often Nathan is endowed with creative abilities, but he rarely succeeds in realizing them in any profession. To do this, he lacks the ability to put himself in a team and excessive sensitivity.

In the end, everything can turn out much better if he stops reacting so painfully to criticism, gains self-confidence and learns to humorously treat the barbs of colleagues or competitors.


Nathan is patient, can condescendingly perceive his partner's whims, satisfy her needs, if he sees that her sexual possibilities are unlimited, but not yet fully revealed. He watches with interest the development of relations with the chosen one.

A good psychologist, intuitively feels a potential partner, will not give up his rights to her to another. Jealous, does not forgive betrayal. In achieving his goal, he is straightforward, he will not look for workarounds to conquer the woman he likes.

Summer-born Nathan may be impractical and not always ready to fend off female tricks, but he is very energetic, has a rich imagination, and prefers hypersexual partners. The greatest stimulant for him is fellatio, with this affection, a woman completely disposes him to herself, gives him the opportunity to believe in the sincerity of her feelings.

Nathan will not tolerate for a long time a partner who cannot get rid of complexes, does not accept his sexual games, resists a variety of poses and techniques. If a woman wants to please him, she should not be ashamed of her sensual impulses, let her try to relax and use her imagination for complete mutual satisfaction. Nathan can't be forbidden.

Nathan gladly accepts offers from her friend to use new sexual techniques, goes to it with joy, giving ideas a scope so that the partner feels the result of her fantasies with all the acuity.

Nathan is unpredictable in an intimate sense, a woman with him can rise to the highest bliss, but she can also feel herself an instrument of satisfying his sexual needs.

Born in winter, he is able to be passionate, gladly fulfills all the whims of his partner. A grateful lover, but never forgives offenses. The most successful union will be with a woman born in August. In the family he is irritable, grumpy.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Nathan gives the impression of something good, simple, majestic, courageous, powerful, big, slow.


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