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Meaning of the name

Moses translated from Hebrew means "taken from God."


A calm boy does not cause trouble for either family or teachers. He is surrounded by friends, studies well at school, plays music, reads a lot. Moses are often born into a large family and grow up independent and kind, they always help their mother with the housework, and they look like mothers.

The energy of the name is enhanced by the contradictory image of the biblical Moses, the first lawgiver of Israel. Needless to say, this ancient namesake of modern Moses had a difficult character.

Be that as it may, however, there is every reason to believe that the pride of Moses will be very sensitive, perhaps even painful, which, in general, is typical for the majority of owners of Jewish names and not only in Russia.

The matter would have been much easier if it had not been for this seriousness of Moses - he, perhaps, really lacks calm self-irony to smooth out the unpleasant moments associated with his sensitive pride. For this reason, Moses often prefers to stay away from noisy companies.

Nevertheless, his kindness and hard work can find great application in life. He is prudent and restrained, capable of long-term concentration on any one business and, moreover, has a rather powerful creative imagination.

It’s a pity that behind this restraint in his soul, some negative emotions can gradually accumulate and, not knowing how to prevent conflicts with the help of humor, Moses runs the risk of breaking loose sooner or later. Moreover, over time, this can make him a surprisingly irritable person, which can completely erase his innate good nature.

The fate of Moses develops in the most favorable way if he begins to smooth out his inherent seriousness with self-irony, thereby relieving his vanity from painfulness and thereby opening the door for himself to normal relationships not only within his own family, but also in almost any collective.

Self-love, seriousness, and commitment are what must always be considered when communicating with Moses. Do not be late for a meeting, do not break your promises, do not go too far in jokes, do not try to pry him in a conversation - this can serve as an excellent addition to the ten commandments that legendary Moses once brought to people.

Those born in winter often suffer from respiratory diseases. They do not like to stand out from the crowd. They help friends and family without demanding any reward in return. Usually grumpy and stubborn, but obligatory. Marry late. Great debaters, endowed with an analytical mindset, capable of exact sciences.

Born in the summer are shy, hardworking and judicious, they do everything slowly and thoroughly. Fanatically dedicated.

Moses make writers and tailors, accountants and artists, doctors and lawyers, some devote themselves to serving God. They are inquisitive, for them there are no trifles. They are good artisans, they have everything in their hands. They are tied to the place and do not like business trips.


If the intimate life of Moses from the very beginning develops successfully, he is a wonderful partner, an affectionate and attentive man. Respects the feelings of a woman, is not able to offend her, let alone betray.

In his youth, Moses tends to idealize everything that happens, but with age he realizes that the idealism of his youth was pure self-deception, and when his peers begin to fall out of his circle of friends one by one, he rushes into an active sex life that knows no limits.

His partner is convinced that she can’t find a better lover: he skillfully prolongs coitus, is hardy and can continue frictions for a long time, even after orgasm.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Moses gives the impression of something safe.

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