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Meaning of the name

Miroslav translated from Old Slavic means "peace and glory".


People named Miroslav are distinguished by poise, calm disposition, they are not irritable. They are diligent, read a lot, are reserved (the latter refers to the "summer"). They are vulnerable and sensitive, do not like big companies, not careerists.

Their life is not strewn with roses, but they are patient and hardworking. They enthusiastically collect interesting books, mainly on history.

Those born in winter are stubborn and contradictory, especially those born in December. They are amorous and sensual. The character is more like mothers. Good athletes, very hardy, love to command. They are married more than once.

Autumn-born good diplomats. They like to listen more to what others have to say than to speak themselves.

Almost all Miroslavs are calculating, selfish, good entrepreneurs and managers. They are irritable about little things.


He prefers active sex, physically enduring, tireless and passionate in intercourse. Perfectly masters the technique of sexual pleasure, gradually teaches this partner. He knows how to achieve complete harmony in love, is patient and persistent.

Having fallen in love with a girl, he will never back down from his decision to make her an experienced partner, a wonderful wife. Chooses a young, attractive and modest girl, can marry her right from school.

He is very tactful, attentive to his beloved, requires reciprocal attention from her, loves to be looked after, interested in his official affairs. Not an egoist, she perfectly understands that a spouse should develop as a person, does not infringe on her freedom, allows her to do what she loves, takes an active part in her life.

His constancy gives a woman the opportunity to feel confident, reliably protected. He himself does not pay attention to other women, being jealous, but he believes his wife. And having experienced disappointment in love in his youth, he values ​​the loyalty of his family.

Miroslav is hypersexual, demanding of a partner in intimate relationships. Skillfully stimulates a woman's arousal, feels well the climax of her tension, tries to prolong the orgasm as long as possible.


Bright red.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Miroslav gives the impression of something safe, kind, gentle, feminine.


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