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Meaning of the name

Modest translated from ancient Greek means "humble".


The name sounds snobbish and attracts attention, it is able to assure its owner of its uniqueness. In addition, its significant rarity affects the already pronounced visibility, and associations with fashion also hint at the elitism of Modest. In a word, a person with such a name can really believe in his right to rise above others.

Very stubborn. The only pity is that this stubbornness does not imply the desire for any kind of active action. It is hardly worth expecting that, carrying out his plans, Modest will, as they say, dig the earth. However, a lot here depends on education.

But he is a great visionary and ambitious. At the same time, behind his coldish appearance, amazing passions can be hidden, tearing his soul apart. Of course, these passions could be found in some way in creative specialties, but often Modest, torn apart by internal contradictions, satisfies his vanity with the consciousness of his own superiority even when it is not confirmed by anything other than a big name.

This paralyzes his will and deprives Modest of the ability to act. If he wants his fate to be more successful, it does not bother him to learn a warmer attitude towards people, especially those close to him.

If you happen to meet a man named Modest on your way, then, most likely, in the conversation he will prefer some kind of intelligent or even secular topics, although in his soul he may experience passions of a completely different plan. At the very least, you shouldn't place too much confidence in his restraint in matters of human relationships and especially sex.


Wounded and too sensitive. The nature is addicted, amorous, very sexy. Laconic, does not spread about his love affairs.

He is characterized by high feelings, tenderness and good nature towards a woman. An unusually noble, loyal friend, a wonderful lover. She prefers to have a close relationship with an inexperienced girl, from the very beginning makes far-reaching plans, is serious about sex.

He likes to devote his beloved to the secrets of intimate life, to act as a mentor. With an inexperienced woman, he feels confident, does not doubt her feelings. He is in dire need of loyalty and devotion of a partner, sincerely believes in true love.

He is not inclined to fleeting sexual relationships, only deep feelings can become a reason for starting an intimate relationship with a woman.


Light blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Modest does not have pronounced phonosemantic characteristics.

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