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What real woman can imagine herself without a man? Still, even the happiest relationships have something to complain about. After all, men's habits are so well-established and harmful that you constantly have to fight with them.

Yes, they do not have an important effect on marriage, but they are very annoying for women. The list of these habits, set out by women, turned out to be quite impressive.

Alcohol. No woman will tolerate a drunkard at home. Moderate but regular consumption of alcohol and beer is irritating. Serious communication with a drunk person is impossible, and the beer belly looks unsightly. Men justify themselves by the fact that they want to relieve their stress. However, this does not arouse understanding among the spouse. As a result, there is constant litigation. As a result, men can start drinking outside the home, with friends, which is even worse.

Computer addiction. More and more often, communication with a computer replaces communication with a spouse for men. There are many opportunities for leisure in the virtual world - both social networks and online games. Yes, and playful chats attract men tired of everyday life. I must say that the number of gamers is constantly growing. Now "shooters" are the lot not only of teenagers, but also of adult men. And the poor woman can only be content with communicating with the back of her man. And turning off the computer at the most interesting place in the game means a health risk. After all, until a man reaches the end of a stage, he simply cannot fall asleep. It is better in such a situation to come up with a way to turn his attention to family and children.

Low earnings. This is not even a habit, but a consequence of male laziness. It turns out that 2 out of 5 women believe that their men are able to earn more up to 40%. It's just that the stronger sex does not want to strain once again. And an empty refrigerator with a husband lying on the couch with a remote control annoys.

Inaccuracy. Most women, after marriage, find that they have got a very sloppy creature. Men are chronically unable to maintain cleanliness and order. In this case, we are talking not only about the dwelling, but also banal about the appearance. The wife has to be constantly reminded to comb her hair, clean her shoes, and wash her hair. And many men feel comfortable in non-ironed clothes. And at the same time, the attitude to the work of a woman is simply disregard. As a result, male sloppiness becomes a real bone of contention.

Avarice. It turns out that male generosity ends with the courtship period. As a result, over time, even wealthy men become stingy. This causes indescribable feelings in his lady. Over time, a woman can begin to look for herself a more generous gentleman. Another manifestation of this habit is not to tip. After a great meal in an interesting company, this can completely lubricate the whole mood. After all, the guy immediately appears as a curmudgeon who, sparing the tip, begins to find fault with the service. Such a date will be irrevocably ruined.

Machismo. America is especially fond of fighting various manifestations of racial and sexual intolerance. 70% of the surveyed US residents said that they have to deal with manifestations of male chauvinism. It seems that we will have these figures no less. But a woman is no worse than men, criticism against them is impermissible. After all, any person has the right to make a mistake.

Spreading of socks. This situation can already be considered a classic one. The man scatters his socks wherever he can, and the next morning he suddenly discovers that there are no clean ones left. Women sometimes begin to think that such an attitude towards this piece of clothing is generally laid down at the genetic level. And to guess where this evening the spouse will put his socks is impossible. For this purpose, any secluded corner will do. And in the morning, a woman will certainly hear: "Well, there are no clean socks left?" For some reason, men cannot understand that dirty clothes should be put in a laundry basket, and not hidden in the corners, then blaming his wife for not finding and washing.

Look at oncoming strangers. A woman is very surprised when her companion begins to look at beauties on the street, almost twisting his neck. A sexually preoccupied man really has a desire to go left in his blood. But it happens that the beloved spouse, who does not lack the attention of his wife, looks at the beauties solely to prove his importance and cause jealousy in his wife. The spouse starts to get nervous, and the man only needs that - he was appreciated as a male capable of conquering any beauty. The exception is the womanizer who change partners like gloves. If the husband belongs to this category, then jealousy scenes will not help. A wife with a rolling pin meeting her husband in the morning is a scene for jokes, not for real life. It's time to think about whether such a husband is needed next to you.

Lack of attention. Such a manifestation of behavior in the family is very annoying for a woman. In addition, psychologists testify that if spouses forget the words of love, then this becomes a serious test for the marriage. A man can go about his business, read, play, watch TV. But a woman next to him also needs communication and simple attention to her problems. After all, marriage presupposes the closeness of two people, do not forget about this.

Sit in the toilet for a long time. Any woman knows what her husband is doing in the toilet - of course, he reads. After all, he either goes there with a newspaper or a book in his hands, or he already has his own shelf with a selection of fascinating reading material. Maybe the habit of reading in such a place has something to do with better assimilation of information while sitting on the toilet? Women can only spread their hands and come to terms with such a bad habit, raking the mountains of magazines and books that have accumulated in the toilet. You should not deprive a man of this habit of expanding his horizons. He should have a corner in the house where he can forget about family problems for a while in silence.

Dislike taking out trash. Men sometimes gladly take on hard physical labor, but taking out a bucket of garbage can be a problem for them. This seems to be the least favorite kind of homework. Maybe at this moment cleanliness suddenly wakes up in a person, and the garbage itself causes disgust? Or just have to look away from the computer or TV for 5 minutes? Women can be advised not to ask her husband, who has just come from work and is still dressed, to take out the trash. Men are very annoyed. It is the garbage in many families that causes scandals. Eradicating this habit or re-educating a spouse is a difficult task, because it can lead to either a decrease in self-esteem or a quarrel. It's just that men do not consider throwing garbage to be a worthy occupation.

Leave some food at the bottom of the pot. Any woman is faced with a situation when an almost empty saucepan with a spoonful of porridge or soup at the bottom is found in the refrigerator. And this does not speak at all about the manifestation of care by the spouse, who wants his wife to eat. It's just that a man is too lazy to completely empty the pan, since there will be a need to wash it right there. It is much easier to "nobly" leave some food on the bottom. It is unclear why not leave dirty dishes in the sink, they look more reliable in the refrigerator, or what? Yes, and it will be possible to avoid reproaches from his wife for not washing the pan after himself. The cunning trick has grown into a very annoying habit.

Do not introduce you to friends you meet. Often men, walking with their girlfriends, meet an acquaintance and start a conversation. But for some reason they forget to introduce a woman. And at such a moment she feels very uncomfortable, feeling empty space. Women justify their husbands that they simply forgot. Nevertheless, the situation is unpleasant. Men can wriggle out by claiming that jealousy was the reason for not presenting. Such explanations are accepted with joy, because women are in no hurry to acquaint their chosen one with all their beautiful friends.

Speaks without apology on the phone. Women want a man to apologize during a phone call for paying attention to an invisible interlocutor, and not to them. This is not always the case. But if a man discusses his affairs in the presence of a woman, then this can be considered an indicator of higher trust. On the other hand, a delicate step aside for a conversation, on the contrary, causes panic. The man is hiding something! But in fact, he simply does not want to bother his soul mate with his affairs.

The guy doesn't pay for the woman. In the age of feminism, such a simple gesture as the payment of a joint bill by a man is subject to doubt. As a result, it may happen that the guy offers to share the waste. Don't get upset right away. Perhaps a man simply does not want to offend a lady's dignity by demonstrating her financial insolvency. A modern woman, without prejudice, may well pay for herself.

Non-punctuality. Women are famous for their habit of being late. And how they are outraged when men suffer from non-punctuality. Indeed, for ladies, such an attitude towards time is an opportunity to make them feel valuable, and a guy's lateness means that he does not appreciate a girl. A lonely girl, waiting for a gentleman, stands under the condescending glances of passers-by, it seems to her that no one respects her. Of course, such thoughts should be driven away. A man can get stuck in a traffic jam, drive through the desired stop, get tired and just forget about the meeting.

The man does not give up his place in transport. In this case, we are not even talking about making the girl sit in her place. Better to let the man give way to a grandmother, a woman with a child or in a position. A real man should do this. And this habit is insanely annoying. After all, a kind and considerate man understands how important it is to protect those who are weaker and in a worse position.

The man constantly talks about himself. Women are very annoyed by the narcissism in men. After all, they can talk for hours about themselves and their problems, not noticing anything around. And it is interesting with such an interlocutor only at first. Then his stories will repeat themselves. And do not confuse this manner of conducting a conversation with sociability. It has more to do with self-centeredness and narcissism. As a result, a woman may want to shut up her talkative partner with something.

Hygiene procedures in public places. When a kitten is washed in public in the street, it touches. But men are a different case. Guys often do not hesitate to clean their ears, pick their nose or teeth, or straighten their underwear in public. This behavior will infuriate any lady who immediately wants to break up with this gentleman.

Eat with your mouth open. Women encounter this habit very often. Men love to eat without closing their mouths. At the same time, food constantly falls out of there, and in case of hiccups or sneezes, it simply flies out. The inability to eat beautifully is one of the main male faults. But it is rare, although the thought of it makes women shiver.

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