Murphy's military laws

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Army axiom

Any order that might be misunderstood is misunderstood.

Murphy's military laws

1. Remember: you are not superman.

2. If it’s stupid, but it works, then it’s not stupid.

3. Do not look flashy - it attracts enemy fire.

4. Do not attract enemy fire - this irritates the people around you.

5. When in doubt, empty the store.

6. Never share a trench with someone braver than you.

7. Never forget - your weapon was made as cheap as possible, and at the right time it will definitely fail.

8. If the machine does not fail, then you run out of cartridges.

9. If you don't run out of cartridges, then it turns out that there is no one to shoot at.

10. If the attack goes really well, then you are in for an ambush.

11. No matter how good your plan is, it is still fundamentally wrong.

12. If everything is going according to plan, then you are not noticing something.

13. All grenades with a five second delay will definitely explode after three seconds.

14. Try to look indifferent - maybe the enemy will run out of ammo.

15. It is that provocation from the side of the enemy, which you ignore, will be the main attack.

16. Everything important is always so simple.

17. Everything simple is always so complicated.

18. The short route is always mined.

19. If you hit everyone except the enemy, then everything is in order.

20. When you have secured the next area, do not forget to inform the enemy about it.

21. The enemy's fire always hits the target.

22. Not a single unit ready for battle passed the test.

23. None of the tested units are ready for battle.

24. If the enemy is within reach, then so are you.

25. Things that need to be used together can never be delivered to the same place.

26. The radar will break exactly when you need the exact coordinates.

27. Whatever you do, it will attract enemy fire to you, even if you do nothing.

28. There is only one thing more accurate than enemy fire - this is when your own people shoot at you.

29. The actions of professionals can be predicted, but the world is full of amateurs.

30. If something doesn't work, knock it hard, if it breaks - nothing, you still had to throw it away.

31. If something was important during training sessions, it is useless in war, but if something was useless, now it is just right.

32. Bullets are unaware that "the senior in rank has privileges."

33. There is nothing more enjoyable than when someone shoots at you and misses.

34. If the sergeant saw you, it means that the enemy can do it.

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