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Meaning of the name

The Hebrew, feminine form of the male name Michael, means "who is like God?"


Since childhood, Michaela has been distinguished by modesty, kind-heartedness, shyness, and has a calm, compliant character. Growing up, she changes little. She is not very sociable, does not like noisy parties.

She enjoys authority among classmates, as she is very responsive, always ready to listen and help. Michaela is a good student and loves to read. The subjects of the humanitarian cycle, especially literature and history, are best given to her.

Adult Michaela has a well-developed intellect and delicate taste, is tactful and restrained, she can support a conversation on any topic. Diplomatic, decent and reliable. She never breaks a given word or promise, is condescending to mistakes and miscalculations of others, responsive.

Most often, Michaela chooses the profession of art critic, historian, antiquarian, and in his field is known as a major specialist. However, her work is always in second place, in the first place is her family and children, in whom she does not like a soul.


Michaela is modest and sometimes even too shy, does not like noisy companies, does not wear flashy, bright clothes, does not seek to turn the fans' heads. However, she is a very extraordinary and interesting personality.

Thanks to her erudition, sharpness of mind, exquisite taste and good manners, she can very effectively present herself even in the most sophisticated society, always behaves with dignity and tact.

Michaela is a sophisticated and graceful woman, she is always surrounded by admirers, although she does not at all strive for this. Coquetry is not inherent in her. When choosing a future life partner, she assesses not only a man's temperament, his spiritual qualities, but also the intellect of a partner.

Her marriage is usually successful. The role of leader in the family of Michaela is inferior to her husband. She is an excellent housewife, she cooks willingly and deliciously, equips her house and devotes a lot of time to raising children.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Libra, Taurus.


The sound of the name Michaela gives the impression of something safe, kind, slow.

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