The worst medical mistakes

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When you go to the doctors, you hope that they will not be mistaken. A person can eventually lose health, and even life.

Amputation of a healthy limb? Introducing a foreign agent instead of medicine? These are not horror stories and gossip at all, but real cases.

In medical practice, it happens that you do not immediately believe in. Let's talk about the most terrible medical mistakes.

Another leg. Few can assume that an experienced doctor will suddenly confuse left and right. But that's exactly what happened to a surgeon from Tampa, Florida. In 1995, during an operation, he had to amputate the right leg of his 52-year-old patient Willie King. When he woke up after anesthesia, he found that his diseased limb was in place, but the left one was missing! They tried to console the patient with the fact that she was also unwell and in time she would have been amputated anyway. King sued the hospital, won the case and received $ 900,000 in compensation from the clinic itself and $ 250,000 from an inattentive doctor. In addition, the surgeon was deprived of his license for six months.

Wrong eye. This monstrous mistake of the doctor happened 120 years ago. In 1892, 10-year-old Thomas Stewart lost an eye in an accident. The boy accidentally stumbled upon a knife, which caused a partial loss of vision. The doctor, Alexander Proudfoot, was called to help, and he quickly decided that the damaged eye must be urgently removed. Upon completion of this operation, the surgeon suddenly discovered that instead of the diseased eye, he removed the healthy one.

Incorrect exposure. Irradiation should not be considered harmful. Of course, it is often harmful to health, leading to death. However, medicine also uses radiation to treat cancer. But, like any other medicine, it must be used with extreme caution and in the right doses. Patient Jerome Parks was unlucky with radiation. He was diagnosed with tongue cancer, but the computer gave the wrong direction for radiation. As a result, the patient was irradiated a healthy neck and brainstem. The "treatment" lasted three days. As a result, the patient quickly lost sight, hearing, and the ability to swallow. When the error was discovered, no one could save Jerome, he died soon after.

Disinfectant instead of medicine. This story is another reason to read the inscriptions on drug labels. At one medical center, Virginia Mason did not follow this rule as often as she did. As a result, patient Mary McClinton was injected not with a drug, but with a disinfectant for medical instruments. This caused the death of a 69-year-old woman, and the hospital became much more strict about labeling and sorting drugs.

Forgotten napkin. Unfortunately, the stories of things forgotten in the patient's womb are not so rare for doctors. In 2007, the Indian woman Sabnam Praveen experienced a joyful event - she had a son. The child was born as a result of a cesarean section. However, the joy did not last long, the woman soon felt bad. Sabnam began to complain of stomach pains. For three years, doctors could not understand the cause of the patient's discomfort. She ended up on the operating table at the Chattisgar Institute of Medicine. It turned out that the surgeon who gave birth was very inattentive - he forgot the napkin in the patient's stomach. It remains unclear in history whether the poor woman received any material compensation. But Donald Church managed to earn 97 thousand dollars from the doctors' mistake. A similar story happened to him. When he was operated on in 2000 at the Washington Medical Center, a surgical instrument 31 centimeters in length was "forgotten" in his stomach.

Food in the lungs. An elderly 79-year-old patient at a San Francisco clinic, Eugene Rigs, suffered from diverticular disease. He could not even imagine that he would die in hospitals not because of this disease, but because of the monstrous oversight of the doctors. Eugene's illness made it impossible for him to eat enough naturally. The doctors decided that food could be delivered to the patient's stomach through a special tube. However, it was entered incorrectly. As a result, food began to flow not into the patient's stomach, but into his lungs. The error was quickly discovered, but it was impossible to correct the consequences. A few months later, Rigs died due to complications. His wife filed a lawsuit against the government, because, according to US law, claims cannot be brought against hospitals and military doctors.

Wrong father. A married couple, Thomas and Nancy Andrews for a long time could not conceive a second child naturally. That is why they turned to the Center for Reproductive Medicine in New York. There, the couple was offered to undergo IVF, in vitro fertilization, which implies artificial conception in a test tube. Soon, the long-awaited pregnancy really came. The couple were in seventh heaven. But when the child was born, the parents were quite surprised. The skin and hair of the girl named Jessica was much darker than that of her father and mother. It turned out that this phenomenon was not at all a whim of nature, but a mistake of doctors. This was confirmed by a DNA test, which showed that not Thomas Andrews is the biological father of the child, but some other man. His sperm was mistakenly used for artificial insemination.

Angry doctor. There is a lot of evidence that doctors are best not to anger. Romanian Nelu Radonescu was not lucky, he had to deal with a nervous doctor. A 36-year-old man was sent for surgery to correct an abnormal testicle. And because of a medical error, he was left without a penis at all. At the same time, Dr. Naum Chomu did not confuse the penis with the testicles at all. Just during the operation, he accidentally touched the patient's urethra, which pissed him off. In a rage, the doctor cut off his patient's penis, and also cut it into small pieces. The unhappy patient was forced to sue. The authorities decided to oblige Chomu to pay the patient for penis reconstruction surgery using skin from his hand. In addition, the nervous doctor was stripped of his medical license and paid for the moral damage to his injured patient.

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