Murphy's laws on medical bureaucracy

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Loftus' Health Leadership Act

Some people manage to lead a book even if they have no idea what the book is, let alone who wrote it.

The Bureau of Health Maintenance's latest argument

You may be forgiven, but you still won't get a refund.

McCarthy's law of imbalance

The tighter the Bureau of Health Care, the more sick the patients get.

Spencer's laws of raw data

1. Anyone can make a decision with sufficient facts.

2. A good manager can make a decision even without sufficient facts.

3. The ideal manager can lead in complete ignorance of the state of affairs.

Sad truth

The most important statistical information about a new patient is his health insurance option.

Rumpol's rule

No doctor on the hospital staff is completely useless - he can always be used as a nightmare example.

Young's Law

Often, a tree is supported only by its dead trunk.


The fact that the tree is still standing does not mean that it is alive.

Feimhoff's law

The structure of any bureaucratic system is very similar to the chamber of a sewer sump - the truly savory pieces always pop up.

The principle of a military hospital

Any order that might be misinterpreted will certainly be misinterpreted.

Rocky's Lemma on Preventing Innovation

If the final results are not known in advance, the funding authorities will reject the project.

Bureau of Health Care Principle

The larger the insurance company, the shorter the hospital stay.

Revised Kissinger's Axiom

Health policy is flawed only because too little is at stake.

The third law of performance

When bosses talk about improving productivity, they never mean themselves.

Brownian motion rule for bureaucracy

From a distance, it is impossible to tell whether the bureaucrats associated with your project are just sitting idly by, or they are desperately trying to cover their asses with them.

Walinsky's law

Working together as a team means wasting half of your time explaining to others why they are wrong.

Administrative commandment

The effectiveness of any committee meeting varies inversely with the number of hospital administrators on that committee.


The maximum inefficiency is achieved in a meeting where only representatives of the administration are present.

Law of meetings

The one who has the least experience has the most opinions.

Inquiry for the Bureau of Health Maintenance

A boss with zero experience has even more opinions.

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