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Meaning of the name

Martha, translated from ancient Aramaic, means "mistress", "mentor".


Since childhood, Marta has been able to show perseverance, to achieve her goal. She is very stubborn and emotional. She is very well-read, loves skiing, loves sweets.

Growing up, she learns to control herself and succeeds in this, Martha is a charming, attractive woman. She is decisive, self-confident, never lost, able to find a way out of the most difficult situation.

He has a developed sense of his own dignity, remembers the offense for a long time, and will never be the first to take a step towards reconciliation. She has an enviable purposefulness, always achieves her goal, pragmatic and careful, she will never take a rash step.

Martha has a well-developed intellect, prefers to become a knowledge worker, although she may prefer the profession of a salesman or a coach.


Marta is extremely sociable, loves crowded happy holidays and parties, loves and knows how to dress beautifully and attract the attention of men. She is flirtatious, sexy, in bed she shows irrepressible imagination.

Martha does not like to often change partners, preferring a relationship with a person she has known for a long time. He does not give in to a momentary outburst of passion and does not understand men who can lose their heads at the first glance at a pretty woman.

Martha gets married rather late, as a rule, she finds true happiness only in her second marriage, and a woman born in the fall may not get married at all, as she is too picky and pragmatic.

Martha is a one-woman woman, devoted to her family, loves to do needlework, she does many housework herself, not relying on her husband.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Martha gives the impression of something good, heavy, courageous, cold, powerful, big.

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