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Meaning of the name

Marat translated from Arabic means "desired".


Little Marat is peaceful and benevolent, loves to dream, easily makes contact with peers, he likes all the children, he is always ready to help. Marat can achieve great results in swimming. But he has a very weak nervous system, frequent pharyngitis, weak lungs, so he needs to be tempered.

Study well. But only if no one bothers him with advice. Therefore, it is desirable that Marat had a separate room. Marat perfectly remembers everything that interests him, but he shows an amazing forgetfulness when it comes to subjects that are not interesting to him. He loves to draw, sculpt, in general, he can prove himself in any creative activity.

Adult Marat is the soul of the company. In adulthood, Marat is receptive, finds understanding from others, friends and relatives! His external coldness and severity hide the thirst for warmth.

Marat does not like superficial and unnecessary people, since he himself is very obligatory. Everything that Marat achieves in life he gets with difficulty, but he can achieve everything on his own.

Marat is pragmatic, prudent, careful, punctual and methodical, very hardworking and persistent in achieving his goals and ideas. Marat takes initiative in everything, in any business he quickly finds a rational grain, often seeks to try his hand at something new.

Marat is not very economic, insatiably curious, charming, never loses his individuality. Marat successfully works in those areas where you have to communicate a lot with people, has a sense of justice.

Marat has courage, great willpower, and thanks to these qualities he achieves great success, but his impulsiveness negatively affects his activities.

Family for Marat is the most important thing in life, he always tries to help his wife in his free time.


Before starting sexual relations, you must get to know the woman well. He is a noble man, sincere in his feelings, charming, very physically enduring. He is attracted by liberated partners, devoid of prejudices, who can please him.

Marat devotes a lot of time to sophisticated love games, gentle and affectionate. Monotony tires him, makes him bored. He strives for the thrill and does not hide it. Able to come up with new methods of sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

Marat has a well-developed intuition, which allows him to feel the needs of his partner with extraordinary subtlety, and he will always be able to satisfy them. Marat may have difficulty in communication, but not in sex. Physical intimacy causes him positive emotions, and even the thought of it inspires him to new achievements.

Marat is full of desire to please his partner, skillfully brings her to orgasm, but still sometimes a woman should take the initiative. He is very worried about how much his partner has an orgasm, but a woman should not lie to him if she is not satisfied: Marat will find a way to please her, and sooner or later the deception will be revealed.

He adores oral sex and is ready to become a constant lover of a woman with similar inclinations. Marat does not like it when his partner is impatient, he can get angry and lose an erection.



A rock

Star stones.

Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Marat gives the impression of something good, heavy, courageous, cold, powerful, big.


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